Thank You Bernie Sanders! Running for President

Editorial by Rona Fried

I’ve been hoping Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) would run for President and I’m thrilled to hear he will announce his candidacy tomorrow.

Not only is it crucial for Hillary Clinton to have competitors on the Democrat side, Sanders would get my vote any time.

Although he’s a proud Independent, Sanders will run as a Democrat because that’s the easiest way to get on the ballot in 50 states and the only way he can be included in debates.

While I will vote for Clinton if she wins the nomination, in my opinion, she is not the President we need right now. 

Our country had great hopes for President Obama and although he’s been coming through on more issues recently, his message of hope and change is unfulfilled, and Clinton doesn’t offer that. 

Under her watch at the State Department, there were two biased environmental analyses of the Keystone Pipeline. She praised the Trans-Pacific Partnership and as keynote at a GMO industry conference she said people who are against GMOs don’t understand their value. 

No thanks, Hillary! 

At this crucial point in our democracy with so many priorities pointing in the wrong direction, I want someone who will talk straight – boldly and definitively – about the issues we face.

When Obama does that I see the person I voted for, but those statements and positions have been way too rare.  He’s let Republicans push him around for most of his presidency.

Bernie’s hair is often mussed and his face beat red – you know he means business!

Senator Bernie Sanders

When polls show Clinton isn’t trusted, there’s a reason for that. When she interacts with the public she’s awkward and her words are contrived – the usual talking points. She mentions the problem of billionaires running our politics, for example, but will she really fight it? I don’t know.

On the other hand, there’s no question where Bernie stands. He would have vetoed the Keystone pipeline out of the gate – we wouldn’t be wondering six years later if it will still be approved.

It’s not that I’m obsessed about Keystone – it’s a symbol of whether you really take climate change seriously or not.

Bernie Sanders is: 

  • strongly outspoken against current trade deals – Trans-Pacific and EU-US – he understands they threaten the middle class and violate US sovereignty
  • strongly outspoken about the oligarchy the US is turning into and will push with his entire soul to reverse Citizens United and to get publicly funded elections
  • 95% score on environmental issues from the League of Conservation Voters
  • knows in his heart and soul how dangerous climate change is. He will fight for a carbon tax and comprehensive climate legislation, which he introduced twice in the Senate with Barbara Boxer (D-CA), another Progressive champion.
  • would Never open the Arctic or Atlantic coast to oil drilling as Obama is doing. What would Hillary do? I don’t know – and that’s the problem.
  • strongly outspoken about ending fossil fuel and nuclear subsidies as sponsor of the End Polluter Welfare Act. 
  • unequivocally against fracking and the damage it is causing by being allowed to run rampant across the US, even in our treasured national forests.
  • strongly outspoken on the need to support renewable energy and efficiency to truly unleash their potential.
  • strongly against GMOs as co-sponsor of the Genetically Engineered Food Right to Know Act, and strongly for sustainable agriculture
  • strongly outspoken on the need for unions to protect the middle class and to stop incentives for offshoring jobs.

Bernie was there at the historic Peoples’ Climate March, where was Hillary and Obama?

Over the past few months, when Bernie was asked if he will run for President, he’s always said he would only do it if he new enough Americans would stand up and fight with him against the billionaire class – especially the Koch brothers – saying, it won’t be easy.

It sure won’t be easy, but apparently Bernie’s decided it’s worth the fight and I will always stand by this undoubtedly ethical, deep thinking, thoughtful and caring human being.

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Here is Bernie’s 12 Step Agenda for America:

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Comments on “Thank You Bernie Sanders! Running for President”

  1. Bill Bugbee

    Go Bernie Go. What this Country right now is 59 more senators just like you! The political money machine will attempt to block you at every opportunity, but you can fly under the radar of Koch brothers evil empire and maybe make it to the finish line. You have my vote.

  2. Laurie

    I’m so grateful someone is running for president who seems to have integrity, and who shares my values (like a habitable planet). I am also an independent, but may have to re-register as a democrat so I can vote in the primaries.

  3. Ryan

    We cannot afford to dilute the biggest dm vote by voting for bernie. This is Nader/bush/Kerry 2.0 PLEASE do not let this happen again.


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