Why Green Dream Jobs?

Because we’ve been online since 1996 and have earned our position as one of the preeminent green job sites on the web! 

Hundreds of top green employers have worked with us across the spectrum of green business for decades, posting positions in: the organic industry, green building, corporate sustainability and certification, conservation and natural resource restoration, climate change, outdoor nature education, renewable energy (solar, wind, geothermal and other clean energy work opportunities), recycling, socially responsible investing,  non-profit jobs, university jobs, government agency positions and more. In summary, we’re the place for all environmental-related jobs.

The most talented people want to work with environmentally and socially progressive organizations. Green Dream Jobs is only open to employers that clearly embrace sustainable business practices and/or have high quality environmental jobs. Since all our job listings carry our “seal of sustainability” we attract the best candidates and the best employers.

Over the years, we’ve built our reputation on delivering highly skilled employees that also are well-versed and deeply committed to the values of green employers.

Employers: Our green job service is personalized & responsive! 

“Recruiting through Green Dream Jobs has been ideal. We haven’t been swamped with resumes but a high percentage of the respondents were bright, passionate and qualified. We hired six people from our job post. Best recruiting investment I ever made.”
~  Melody Haller, Antenna Group

Lower your cost per hire. With Green Dream Jobs, you can post all your jobs in one place – from financial to PR to marketing – and get discounts for multiple postings. Your post stays up for 2 months, and our prices are very moderate, plus we offer personalized package deals.

Reach the targeted audience you want – quickly. Many businesses complain that posting on a general job site results in being swamped by inappropriate resumes. Our site traffic is high and by posting only ‘green’ positions we attract a targeted, talented, highly qualified group of applicants – so why wade through 10,000 “junk” resumes when Green Dream Jobs can bring you a manageable number of well-matched ones?

Our posts always look great. We clean up formatting or spacing issues, add a bit of color and generally turn out posts with superior clarity and organization – and we deliver a high level of personalized customer service. Plus –  we always post internships for free!  

“Your site has been more useful in my candidate search than Monster.com or any other resource. The candidates that submitted their resumes to me via your site, have been the most educated, focused, and qualified that I have seen anywhere.”
~ Carma Gaggero, MMA Renewable Ventures

“We have filled the position we placed with you. We received excellent response from our posting. We look forward to using this service in the future.”
~ Scott Steinwert, Public Affairs Management

“We very much appreciate your service. I just conducted a national search for a general manager for a new biodiesel manufacturing facility; the candidate who we offered the position to found it through Green Dream Jobs. Several other very qualified candidates also applied from your site.”
~  Lynn Benander, Northeast Biodiesel

“The job posting my office listed was very successful and we no longer wish to receive resumes – can we remove it early?”
~ Heather Tansey, Climate Protection Partnerships Division, US EPA

Job Seekers:

You’d rather put your business skills to work to restore the environment. All our categories are for green and socially responsible jobs! All together in one place. The staff at Green Dream Jobs screens every job – and we’d love to work at all of them!

“Green Dream Jobs is an excellent service. It is by far the most useful environmental job listing I’ve seen on the Web. I check it frequently and have referred many of my friends to it. Keep up the great work!”
~ Anonymous, ICF Consulting

“I’ve found that the ‘Green Dream Jobs’ is a spectacular resource. I found the job that I currently have through it.”
~ Meredith Benton, Trexler and Associates, Inc

“As a veteran of the corporate world (Mergers & Acquisitions) looking to leverage my business skills into an “eco-career”, I was amazed and delighted to find your web site.”
~ Anonymous

“I always find the best environmental jobs on your site … I really appreciate it.”
~ Annelise Krinsky


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