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Since 1996, when we launched this website at the dawn of the Internet, we’ve seen it all when it comes to the evolution of sustainable business.

When we started our Daily News all those years ago, we were virtually the only source for people interested in renewable energy, green building, the organic industry and corporate sustainability. And we offered one of the few services – Green Dream Jobs – where people could find jobs across all those industries.

Since then, we’ve tracked these industries as they have become mainstream – pretty amazing to see brand new industries grow from almost zero to where they are today!

Now the challenge is to scale these technologies much faster and deeper across the world to have a chance at preventing catastrophic climate change.

As we have asked all these years, why wouldn’t we want to transition to an economy that can create many millions of well-paying jobs, doing the good work of giving the world clean energy? Would we rather stick with fossil fuels that pollute our air and water, causing disease in humans and wiping out ecosystems? Would we rather stick with conventional agriculture that’s based on fossil fuels – or move to organic, which is kind to animals and provides healthy food for humans, while nurturing the soil that sequesters carbon?

Our vision remains the same: A world where human activities are in harmony with the earth’s carrying capacity.

At this point, we face twin challenges from the planet’s most entrenched industries – Fossil Fuels and Big Agriculture. While many people still confuse an extractive, exploitive economy with prosperity, we believe we are nearing the tipping point with leading corporations, investors, religious leaders and many governments on board.

Climate change, biodiversity collapse and extreme human overpopulation are overwhelming, but we remain optimistic that humans will come to their senses – we can still turn this ship around. Green buildings, solar and wind, and energy efficiency are vital to this turning, but most of all we need to LOVE nature, cherish forests and rivers, and Earth will show us its abundance and resilience.

Our Role
With the growth of the Internet has come an overwhelming number of news sources, but we hope you find our passionate voice and depth of knowledge useful, giving you the information and inspiration you need to move us all forward. Our search engine has become an encyclopedia of green business – we’ve published more than 26,000 articles over the years!

Our services will continue to help shift us toward a restorative economy:

  • Daily Green Business News: concise news from around the world that keeps you informed about the latest trends and legislation.
  • Green Dream Jobs: connects people looking for jobs with environmentally conscious nonprofits, government agencies and businesses.
  • Green Education Directory: profiles all relevant degree, certificate and executive development programs.
  • Venture Capital Directory: profiles investors across the world that finance green businesses of all kinds.

When I first wrote “About Us” in 1996, I said, “My great hope is that I will live to see this great transition become reality, and that I can play a small role in it.” This is still my greatest hope.

Rona Fried, Ph.D.
President & CEO

We believe in: A smaller ecological footprint… close knit communities that depend on locally grown, organic food; fewer and much more efficient vehicles; reduce, reuse, recycle; driving efficiencies throughout the economy; durable, well-made products; much lower human population to restore balance with the animals and plants we share the planet with; true caring about how much energy we use and what our products are made from; distributed energy from renewables; companies offering only healthy products with healthy ingredients; less stuff and more simplicity. And long-term deep thinking.

All that is, is the result of what we have thought. — Buddha

I know it is possible that we will make it, that we will create a sustainable economy that protects the living systems of the Earth, that we will come to be part of the world’s repair. The power of darkness in our world is great, but it is not as great as the power of the human spirit. We can learn to provide for our needs and limit our numbers while cherishing this beautiful planet and its creatures. It is in our nature to honor the sacredness of life. What is at stake today is enormous; it is the destiny of life on Earth. At such a time, walking a path of honoring ourselves and the living planet is our responsibility as citizens of the planet, but it is something more, as well. It is also a joy, and a privilege. — John Robbins, The Food Revolution

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