Nearly 100 Gigawatts in Worldwide Solar Pipeline

Wow – 95 gigawatts of solar PV projects are in the world’s pipeline and that’s just for countries that are leading on solar, says NPD Solarbuzz.

The majority (68%) are commercial and utility-scale projects of about 50 megawatts (MW). All told, leading countries have 4300 projects in the pipeline.

The rest range between 250 kilowatts (kW) and 5 megawatts, according to Solarbuzz’s Global Deal Tracker report.

"While projects in excess of 50 megawatts account for most of the solar PV pipeline capacity, smaller projects up to five megawatts can typically be approved and completed within a matter of months, making this segment particularly interesting to suppliers and developers," says analyst Chris Beadle with Solarbuzz.

Number of Projects:

Solarbuzz 2014

The US, China and Japan will drive new solar PV capacity over the next five years, they say. Together their pipeline contains more than 3,600 projects bigger than 250 kW – about 65 GW. Solarbuzz expects 24 GW will be completed this year. 

And now, investors are anxious to participate in these projects. Hedge funds and private equity firms are buying stakes in solar projects and even co-developing wind farms.

As we’ve reported, investors are keen on the stable yields of 8-10% the projects produce once they are built.

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