Obama Signs GMO DARK Act, Lawsuit to Follow

Sadly, President Obama signed the GMO DARK Act yesterday.

FoodDemocracyNow! quickly announced they are filing a lawsuit saying “By signing the law, President Obama has written a blank check to Monsanto and Big Food while betraying his 2007 promise while running for the White House. The group will contest the law’s infringement on the 14th amendment of the Constitution that guarantees “equal protection for all,” among other issues.

Besides the underhanded nature of the bill, which prevents a simple, mandatory label and preempts states’ rights, the law discriminates against anyone that doesn’t own a smart phone – about a third of Americans, according to Pew Research. Only a smart phone can be used to research QR codes that could indicate the presence of a GMO. 27% of seniors own a smart phone, for example.

The law also threatens the future of organic standards. A future USDA Secretary could interpret its definition of bioengineered food in a way that allows them in organic products!

“By signing this bill, President Obama has endangered the organic industry to the real threat of being forced to re-define its entire ethical production standards, which clearly prohibit GMO technology,” they say.

DARK-act (1)

In a last ditch effort to influence Obama to veto the law, 287 groups signed an open letter in the Philadelphia Inquirer during the Democratic National Convention.

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