What's Pushing Us Toward Greater Energy Efficiency?

Curious about which policies produce the greatest energy efficiency?

According to the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE), here’s how it works out for 2014 (in quads).

Fuel economy standards for vehicles


Appliance & Equipment efficiency standards


Energy Star-rated appliances & homes


Utility energy efficiency programs 


Building codes


Federal R&D


Energy Service Companies


Federal tax incentives


Note: "Quads" is short for quadrillion Btu – the US uses about 100 quads a year. ENERGY STAR savings are from 2013.

With President Obama’s landmark fuel economy increases just entering full force, these savings will grow substantially in coming years. Over 50 appliances and industrial equipment have benefited from efficiency standards.

Read more details here.

ACEEE estimates that efficiency measures implemented over the last 35 years have cut US energy demand by about 58 quads.

There are still abundant, cost-effective opportunities that can bring down energy use another 40-60% by 2050. To get there, we must harness and transform markets, make efficiency a key strategy for utilities and expand local, state and federal policy support.

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Read ACEEE’s report, Energy Efficiency in the United States: 35 Years and Counting:

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