How Energy Efficient are Connecticut's Homes? The State Will Soon Find Out

Connecticut has launched the first statewide program that scores homes on their energy efficiency, and will soon be followed by Colorado and Vermont. 

Connecticut plans to score 12,000-14,000 homes a year as part of its goal to weatherize 80% of all homes in the state by 2030. The score will also be included in real estate listings, giving prospective buyers information on a home’s energy performance.

Scores have been provided for many years for newly built homes through the Home Energy Rating System (HERS), but this is the first time it is applied to existing homes.

Cost has been the impediment for existing homes, but now, the Department of Energy’s Home Energy Score makes it affordable.

In 2009, Vice President Biden directed the Department of Energy to develop an energy label for existing homes.  
Trained assessors do a quick walk-through of homes, collect energy information using a standardized tool, and then rate it on a scale of 1 to 10. Besides the energy efficiency score, homeowners see how it compares it to similar homes and receive recommends how to improve performance.

Home Energy Score

In Connecticut, home performance contractors visit the homes and then offer services to upgrade them.

Learn more about Home Energy Score:

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