From Rewilder to Localizer, Jobs in 2030

We got a kick out of what new jobs might look like in 2030, spurred by an article in Fast Company.

Based on changing trends from climate change to "immigration and a borderless world,"  the Canadian Scholarship Trust provides a vision of a ‘Canada of the Future’, which applies to us too.

Among the jobs, which vary from Digital Memorialist to Company Culture Embassador, from Tele-Surgeon to Neighborhood Watch Officer, there are job titles we recognize: Teacher, Accountant, Nurse Practitioner, Hotelier and Urban Planner.

Environmentally-related jobs:


While farmers grow food vertically inside buildings, the rewilder will have a big job: restoring the land from all the damage humans have caused. They will tear up roads, remove fences that block migration, and replant prairies and forests.

Today, we struggle to find funds to eradicate invasive plants and animals from our native ecosystems, but in the future a carbon tax will pay for government employees to bring back nature.

Restoration After


Eating foot produced locally is considered a treat today, but in 2030, it will be a necessity. We will have long been working to get our global footprint down – no more sending food thousands of miles. 

"If localizers do their jobs well, communities will not be affected by global problems such as a decline in oil, extreme weather, or political conflicts," they say.

Localizers will act as coordinators for small communities, matching local producers of goods and services with the customers and companies that need them. Think of them as a "trusted teacher" – they know everyone’s name and they’re the ones to see when trying to solve a tough problem.

Garbage Designer

By 2030, people will have a healthy respect for natural resources and will have stopped throwing them away, especially after one use. 

Upcycling will be commonplace by then, and designers will be deployed to figure out new products from waste and how to make products in the first place that don’t end up as waste.

Companies will hire designers to rethink which materials they should use to make everything from toys to clothes to furniture.
Renewable Energy Engineer

This job is obviously already here today, but in Canada it’s still far off because they are so enmeshed in tar sands oil

They see engineers needed to maintain far-flung renewable energy plants in places like Hudson Bay, where crews would live on-site to build and maintain projects.

These jobs will be in high demand, they say, but because they are in remote, harsh environments they won’t be for everyone.

From our point of view, renewable energy technology will be far more advanced in 2030 than it is today – probably one of the more crowded fields.

See the other jobs of 2030:

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