Eye-Opening Map of Front Groups Attacking Renewable Energy

President Obama took a pretty big risk in directing the EPA to announce power plant emissions rules before the 2014 election.

Democratic candidates in coal states are reeling, but it goes much farther than that as the fossil fuel industry ramps up campaign contributions to help Republicans win the Senate majority.

They want Keystone and natural gas exports approved, and they want to expand fracking. And the last thing they want are any regulations.

You can be sure, the Koch Bros are angry about Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s quest to expose what these two men are doing to our country: among his many recent attacks, he called them out for being a main cause of climate change. And he said, they are "waging a war against anything that protects the environment."

Which is true, as we have laid out in multiple news stories. The Koch Bros back some 93 groups working across the country on local, state and national levels. They are not alone, of course. Coal, oil, gas and utilities are all pushing to keep the status quo.

This powerful infographic should make it crystal clear, if you have any doubts about the extent of their influence.

Map of Front Groups Attacking State Renewable Energy Policies 2013-2014

Koch Attack Web

Read the report by the Energy and Policy Institute, which details what’s happening in each of these states:


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