Adopt-A-Watt Does for Efficiency What Adopt-A-Highway Does for Litter

A group has come up with an innovative way to finance energy efficiency upgrades – by applying the popular Adopt-A-Highway concept to their initiative, the National Adopt-A-Watt® Program. 

Instead of getting your name on a highway sign for cleaning up the litter, sponsors are recognized for financing energy efficiency upgrades for public institutions that don’t have the money.

So far, the group has completed two projects in Michigan: two  electric vehicle charging stations and high-efficiency lights in a library and municipal parking lot. 25 sponsors chipped in and their names and logos are prominently displayed on "acknowledgement" signs.

Adopt A Watt

"We want to give municipalities an opportunity to finance infrastructure for electric vehicle charging stations at no cost to taxpayers," says Jennifer Mefford, director of business development for the Southeast Michigan Chapter of the National Electrical Contractors Association. "Our members look to programs like National Adopt-A-Watt as a partnering opportunity that creates energy savings for customers and creates business and job opportunities for our members."

Moving on to southern California, local chapters of the National Electrical Contractors Association and International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers are sponsoring 10 Adopt-A-Watt projects which will retrofit parking lot lights at a municipal airport and a school district.

The group first identifies feasible projects and then finds sponsors.

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