Birds Need Your Help In Frigid Weather

we all hunker down during this severe cold snap, we need to remember that birds
and other species are bearing the weather outdoors.

Extremely cold weather can be deadly to wildlife and while we can’t help
many of them, we can do some good for birds.

“Birds can survive the kind of severe weather we are seeing, but only if they
get needed food and water,” says Daniel Lebbin, conservation
biologist with American Bird Conservancy.

Putting out extra food on bird feeders and on the ground, including suet and
fruit for birds that don’t normally eat seeds, can make the difference between
life and death for birds. 

Birds Cardinals in Winter

While many people feed birds in the winter, they often aren’t aware of how important water is. Although birds can quest their thirst by eating snow, this requires large amounts of energy which they need to keep themselves warm.  

ABC is getting calls from people around the country who are concerned about birds and other wildlife. They feel a great sense of urgency, knowing how they are struggling with a changing climate.

When water bodies freeze, waterfowl typically migrate south to
find ice-free water. Prairie-chickens dive into
deep snow where they are protected from colder surface
temperatures and wind chill. Tiny birds called Kinglets huddle together at night to keep

Planting native shrubs and trees (including evergreens) provide food and shelter for birds
year-round. Those that bear fruit or offer seeds in the winter are especially helpful. 

Learn about options for providing warm water for birds:

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