Towing Icebergs for Clean Water? One Engineer's Idea

French engineer Georges Mougin has been refining what many will consider a bizarre idea for many years.

His "IceDream" project would tow icebergs to bring people fresh water!

The plan is to move naturally drifting icebergs that would melt and be lost in the ocean’s salt water anyway by using prevailing currents and winds to tow them where water is needed. 

Thanks to the power of Dassault Systèmes 3D Experience Plaftorm, his project has been shown to be technically feasible, and not such a wild dream after all. Using 3D virtual experiences and scientific simulation, he’s been able to test many scenarios in a short time and make quick progress on his idea.

He has brought together an international network of  engineers, glaciologists, meteorologists and physical oceanographers to synthesize complex oceanographic and meteorological information. 

As so many people are working on today, Mougin is struggling to solve the problem of almost a billion humans not having access to drinking water, and 2.5 billion without pure water.  But does this idea make sense?

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Comments on “Towing Icebergs for Clean Water? One Engineer's Idea”

  1. dogwalker

    Seals, walruses, penguins, birds use the icebergs for resting and some use the bergs for birthing. Lets not put them in jepardy. Florida desalinates the salt water. Their biggest expense is the cost of the electricty. How about working on this issue instead. Leave the icebergs to the wildlife.


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