Solar-Powered Elevator Hits the Market

The last place you want to be when the power goes out is stuck in an elevator, and although you’ve probably never thought about it, wouldn’t it be much safer if it was powered by renewable energy?

Schindler, one of the biggest manufacturers of elevators, is marketing a solar-powered elevator starting this year.

Drawing power from roof-top solar panels sized specifically for daily traffic in elevators, it will operate solely on solar, power from the grid or a combination of both. A proprietary Hybrid Energy Manager stores solar energy in batteries until it’s needed.

"The Schindler Solar Elevator not only reduces energy costs and avoids the costly power-peaks caused when elevators begin each trip, but it can run independently of the power grid so it can continue operating during power interruptions or blackouts," says Eric Rossignol, Schindler’s R&D system project manager.

The solar elevator is adapted from Schindler’s gearless machine, which the company says is 60% more energy efficient than hydraulic elevators. It uses less energy by minimizing the number of stops, using LED lighting and by enabling systems to go into standby power mode. 

"The Schindler Solar Elevator is a major step forward in creating net-zero energy buildings in urban environments," says Bill Fiacco, President of Marketing and Sales. "This new system is a highly efficient, robust, and affordable solution available today for residential and low-rise commercial buildings. 

The elevator is being introduced in Europe and India this year and in the US and other markets in 2014. 

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Comments on “Solar-Powered Elevator Hits the Market”

  1. Saleem Siddiqi

    Retrofitting of existing 4 Lifts

    Dear Sirs:

    We have 4 very old Schindler Single Speed Lifts (2 Passenger and 2 Flat bed cargo) age 35 years

    old. Even though this is 40 years old technology but they are still working.

    It is a 13 story building but the lifts stops only at:

    Passenger Ground + 6
    [G 3,5,7,9,11 and 13 floors]

    Cargo Ground + 6
    [G 2,4,6,8,10 and 12 Floors]

    Due to Safety and modernization, now we need to renovate these 4 Lifts except we shall only keep the

    cabin, door panel, guide rail, door frame and counter-weight, other all items need change to new as

    specified below.

    Kindly send your proposal for provision of the following latest components for us to do the

    Renovation job.

    We have 220V 50 HZ current electricity.

    1) Elevator gear and / or gearless machine.
    2) Control panel with latest inverter.
    3) Door locks and door closers
    4) Inside & outside call panels.
    5) Door locks opening Cam
    6) Traveling cable
    7) usage of a frequency converter with automatic stand-by function
    8) Switch off lights, fan and other lift components when not in use – Sleep mode

    Traction Machine – GEARLESS, Regenerative Drives & modern controllers
    Motor Drive – VVVF2 Control
    Control Circuit – Microcomputer
    Power consumption- 30% (70% savings)

    Energy Efficiency Please use latest most energy efficient technology, low power consumption and

    maintenance. Energy efficiency is key these days so the introduction of regenerative drives are

    becoming popular by acquiring energy from the lift movements and so being more energy efficient. With Schindler going for ZERO energy and adopting for Solar operated Lifts, we would like to avail this opportunity for this new technology for our lifts to save electricity costs.

    Please include for replacement.

    Kindly revert with your best proposal which must be cost effective.

    Thanks / Best Regards

    Dr. Saleem Siddiqi

  2. Magno Janga

    Hi I am looking for a solar power outdoor elevator design.
    I live in Bonaire an island in the Caribbean a divers paradise..
    We have a diving spot that they call the 1000 steps but I only count about 40 steps.
    So the divers have go up and down with the heavy tanks. I will like to get a design idea for the construction of an elevator and power by solar panel.
    I am a North Eastern University graduate.Bachelor of science in Mechanical Engineering Technology.
    Retired Power plant Engineer.
    Thank you.


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