GE Among Six New Companies Dropping ALEC

Six more major companies are cancelling their American Legislative Council membership (ALEC), bringing the new total to 38.

The latest companies to drop ALEC are: General Electric, Western Union, Sprint Nextel, Symantec,  consumer goods company Reckitt Benckiser Group and power utility Entergy (the second biggest nuclear power operator in the US).

"These significant defections, coupled with recent withdrawals from ALEC by companies like Walgreens and GM, further prove that everyday people are working together to hold corporations accountable achieve tremendous change," says Rashad Robinson, executive director for, one of the lead organizations that’s exposed ALEC’s extreme agenda.

ALEC, which operated mostly under the public’s radar until it was exposed in July 2011, is used by companies to push through legislation that protects their interests on the state and federal levels. 

The organization pushes its conservative, anti-climate agenda by writing templates of "model legislation" that elected officials then introduce and shepherd through. It is responsible for  voter suppression efforts sweeping through the states, for example.

ALEC anti-environmental agenda includes dismantling state Renewable Portfolio Standards, pressuring the EPA to designate palm oil as a renewable fuel, pushing for loopholes in disclosure of natural gas fracking chemicals, and killing regional climate cap-and-trade pacts, along with eliminating clean air and water regulations.

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Visit to learn more and find ALEC-influenced bills in your state:

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