HP, Hara Partner on Energy Management Offering

HP (NYSE: HPQ) is launching a new energy management and emissions reduction software package through its Technology Services

The package is the result of a new partnership with Hara–a software company that specializes in environmental and energy management applications. 

The combination of software and consulting evaluates a client’s environmental impact and works to develop best practices for improving resource utilization across an organization’s
entire operations.

The Energy and Sustainability Management (ESM) system is  designed to help clients achieve
energy and cost savings; and measure resource efficiency and greenhouse
gas emissions.

“HP helps clients optimize their energy resources and identify risk by combining expertise in consulting, innovation and technology with a network of partners,” said Jay Allardyce, director, Growth Initiatives, Energy and Sustainability Management, Enterprise Business, HP.

“Customers are seeking solutions that optimize both sustainability and
energy management throughout their organizations,” said Amit Chatterjee, CEO and founder, Hara. “Pairing our environmental
and energy management solutions with HP’s industry reach and expert
delivery provides clients with a superior, holistic approach to
identify, prioritize and act on energy- and resource-efficiency
strategies that drive cost savings, minimize risk and create value.”

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