Executive Director, Audubon International

Kopplin & Kuebler Published: April 9, 2012
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Located on approximately 144 acres of woodlands in Selkirk, New York (a suburb of Albany), Audubon International is a model example of what an association that advocates positive environmental stewardship and sustainability can do to enhance communities, organizations, parks, golf courses, and whole cities. Audubon International delivers environmental education assistance to help people make a difference. It was the first organization to team up with the golf industry in educating members of the golf world about environmental issues and possible solutions. It is the de facto standard in environmental education and certification.

Position Overview:

The Executive Director is responsible for supervising and guiding the overall operations of Audubon International, including the management, growth and development of the programs and activities, as well as the operations of internal support services. The Executive Director has responsibility for the day-to-day administration, human resources and business operations of Audubon International. Essentially all operations of Audubon International are responsibilities of the Executive Director.

The Executive Director is responsible for the creation and implementation of all service standards and processes, while providing leadership for directors and staff at Audubon International. Clearly, a primary objective is for the Executive Director to be the "face" of Audubon International, and to ensure that goals and objectives of the association are defined, understood, evaluated and implemented on a continuous basis to meet the expectations of the membership and growth of the organization as defined by the Board of Directors in concert with the Executive Director.

In addition to coordinating and supervising all of the management functions of Audubon International, the Executive Director will oversee the preparation of annual operating and capital budgets, supporting the strategic initiatives and expectations that he/she has established with the Board, and be a catalyst in emphasizing the strategic planning of the association. He/She will work with the Board to identify annual initiatives and budget objectives, presenting plans and recommendations to the Board for approval. These plans will be backed with reasoned, well-conceived tactics, which he/she will be accountable to attain.

The Executive Director must have a passion for environmental issues and understand environmental stewardship and sustainability, with a focus on supporting the mission of the organization.

The Executive Director will supervise and guide day-to-day operations of the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary System (ACSS) programs, the Audubon Signature Cooperative Sanctuary Program, the Audubon Society of New York State activities, and any other programs that might be established in the future; and works with the directors of these program to establish goals and objectives for the programs and will facilitate their achievement. The Executive Director works with the program directors to establish not only one year goals but also develop five year goals for these programs.

The Executive Director will be the primary leader to ensure that Audubon International capital/asset improvements are well conceived, thoroughly planned and executed, and that the status of such projects is consistently communicated to appropriate constituencies throughout.

It is intended that the Executive Director provide continuity for Audubon International and provide executive leadership to all areas of the operation, including to the Board and Committees who govern and advise, respectively. The expectation is that the Executive Director will provide reflective and visionary leadership to the Board of Directors and other constituencies, recognizing and proactively anticipating trends and relevant impacts to Audubon International. The successful candidate will ensure that Audubon International consistently provides nothing less than true excellence in service and programs, and consistently works to ensure that the best interests of Audubon International are protected with each decision and action taken.


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