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Nori Published: October 27, 2022
Seattle, WA
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Mid Level
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Climate Change / Information Technology
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You’ll be a Data Scientist in a startup working on solving climate change. Looking for an experienced person with the ability to work with a cross-functional team in developing and evaluating nature-based and industrial carbon removal methodologies.

Nori is a two-sided marketplace with various external stakeholders, and two customer types: demand-side and supply-side customers. You will analyze data Nori collects and receives to improve carbon quantification, develop carbon removal methodologies and improve Nori’s two-sided marketplace.

Summary of Nori

Nori is a startup founded in October 2017 with the mission to enable global engagement to reverse climate change via carbon removal. By providing a marketplace where anyone in the world can pay for and get paid for removing and storing atmospheric carbon dioxide, Nori acts as a financial mechanism that will create new opportunities for climate innovation and carbon removal. 

We’re upgrading on the carbon offset space. Historically carbon offsets have been mired with opacity which then leads to a lack of confidence and trust in what projects are supported. Additionally, most carbon offsets (95%) represent paying someone to do less of a bad thing, i.e. mitigating emissions.

Nori is different in three key ways. First, Nori only supports carbon removal, or carbon sequestration, which is the only method that can actually reverse/negate carbon emissions. Second, Nori is the only platform with an end-to-end marketplace of credits. Because we work directly with project owners who “supply carbon removal”, maintain the retirement of carbon removal credits, and track this all on the blockchain, Nori is providing a transparent and credible way to pay for carbon removal directly from suppliers with no price markups. Lastly, with Nori’s API, businesses can offer environmental action and engagement directly to their customers at check-out or in-app, and immediately provide information on the project they supported, with immediate creation of certificates with the customers name on it. 

We highly recommend that you review the information about Nori and its team before applying to this position at

Learning a bit about Nori will help you to assess whether or not our mission aligns with your values. 

Who You’ll Work With

You will be the Data Analyst and part of the Supply and Methodology team reporting to the Head of Supply and Methodology. However, you will work closely with the Product and Demand teams, which are led by the Head of Engineering and the Director of Corporate Development. 

Each of these teams works a little bit differently, but they work hand in hand with each other to create an inventory of verified carbon removals that can be sold through our marketplace. 

The Supply & Methodology Team

The Supply team works with Nori Suppliers: anyone who can verifiably remove and store CO2 from the atmosphere. The Methodology team works on developing the requirements for how projects are enrolled (see current methodology). Both teams report to the Head of Supply and Methodology. As Nori’s current focus is on our Croplands Methodology, the Supply Team is working with farmers as well as the partners and companies around them to enroll croplands into the Nori market. Additionally, Nori will be doing two things coming up: creating a repeatable framework for adding new methodologies, and adding those actual methodologies. Improving the current methodology, developing analytical tools and digging (no pun intended) into the data is where you will come in. 

The Product Team 

The Product Team is responsible for delivery and operation of the Nori marketplace, supply-side enrollment app, marketing website, and any of the technical/software/data aspects of Nori’s work.  The Product Team works with the other teams—Supply, Sales, and Communications—to support business development needs. 

The Demand Team

The Demand Team is responsible for driving carbon removal sales and developing Nori’s customer base. Whether responding to customer feedback or RFP’s, the Demand Team deals with all things customer facing and will play an important role in developing future methodologies.

Five Key Aspects of the Role

  • Understanding of carbon removal. This is the key skill to this role: a person who understands or is willing to learn about the science of all types of carbon removal. Be able to articulate the risks and benefits associated with these various carbon removal methods in a cogent fashion that takes into account both the scientific and commercial viability of the method.
  • Curiosity. A desire to learn about many new things in a short period of time. This person must be a self-starter who can find opportunities to learn about the latest and greatest in carbon removal while also searching for the best academic research that supports these methods.
  • How should we quantify carbon?  Carbon removal quantification is at the heart of everything we do. Nori’s goal is to reverse climate change and the better we understand how much carbon is being removed from the atmosphere the closer we come to reversing climate change. As we develop new methodologies we require independent analysis of carbon removal claims to determine the value of carbon crediting. As we grow Nori should develop uncertainties about various carbon removal methods and apply that to how we sell and insure carbon removal credits
  • Developing Data Visualizations. We have been collecting data from our suppliers and buyers since the company started. That data needs to be mined, analyzed and used to create visualizations that drive business process changes, communicate trends to our investors and drive transparency of our marketplace to all interested groups.   
  • Data Hygiene. This person will work closely with our various internal and external stakeholders to ensure that the data we are collecting is the data we should be collecting. Are there other data sources we should consider mining? Are there other pieces of information we should be collecting? This will all be synthesized into a plan to capture and evaluate any and all data we need to create a thriving marketplace and business that knows when and how to pivot. 

You’ll Be Responsible For… 

  • Work within the Supply and Methodology team on roadmap planning, dependency identification, and resource planning across various carbon removal methodologies and carbon quantification tools.
  • Understand the data for Nori's current methodology (U.S. croplands) and identify places for methodological improvement. 
  • Apply Nori's data to drive improvements in business and outreach processes.
  • Review uncertainty and risk associated with carbon measurement techniques early development companies with carbon removal solutions.
  • Develop data visualizations for various business metrics. 
  • Communicate clearly and effectively to external stakeholders, management and teammates on plans, status, and critical issues.


  • 3-7 years of experience in data science with working knowledge of statistics and mathematics
  • Data science programming languages like SQL and Python as well as git knowledge
  • Work with the Supply and Demand teams to identify key metrics and opportunities for improving business processes, products, and services particularly improving and developing carbon quantification methods
  • Experience managing and mining large data sets, identifying issues and developing solutions in “real-world” business situations 
  • Development of data visualizations, reports, dashboards, and data audits
  • A basic understanding of carbon removal technologies
  • Excellent communication skills (written, verbal, and Zoom)
  • Ability to understand and resolve complex business issues 
  • Ability to set clear expectations 
  • Values transparency


  • Experience with two-sided marketplaces
  • Experience working in a startup environment 

Key outcomes and metrics

  • Development of trackable metrics and dashboards
  • Improving US Croplands Methodology carbon quantification method by applying learnings from current data set
  • Creation of process to determine data needs of proposed carbon removal proposals
  • Developing new quantification methods for carbon removal

You’ll be a good culture fit here if you can...

  • Handle a steep learning curve
  • Know or interested in learning what it takes to build a company
  • Work with abstract ideas and requirements to create something more concrete
  • Develop processes with a focus on continuous improvement
  • Ensure a good relationship with external and internal stakeholders 
  • Know how to measure progress meaningfully
  • Stay playful and light without taking things too seriously or personally
  • Limit work in progress and stay focused on the current goal

Key challenges in this role

There is a lot of ambiguity in what we’re building, and you will be key in working with internal and external stakeholders to sort through all the concerns and uncertainties to make sure we’re delivering the most transparent and accurate methodologies to calculate carbon removal. You will also be dealing with strong opinions on the best types of methodologies and the best way of measuring and quantifying carbon. You must be able to partner with all of these folks even when you disagree with them to ensure that Nori’s reputation with the scientific community is validated while we develop scalable, flexible methodologies that most importantly ensure carbon is being removed from the atmosphere.

What’s the payoff for all this hard/fun work? 

  • You’re not just working at some mobile ads startup—you’re directly helping build products to reverse climate change.
  • You get to work with world-renowned experts in carbon sequestration and marketplace economics.
  • There is a steep learning curve here, and for people who get excited by that, there’s no better place to be.

Join us on our mission to reverse climate change

By joining Nori at this time, you’ll help to shape our culture and help us to grow the company we hope to become. You’ll be helping us to solve some of the biggest challenges when it comes to creating a marketplace for carbon removal, from teamwork to technical implementations. You’ll learn a lot about the environment and carbon removal. 

What’s in it for you

  • Four weeks paid time off, increases to five weeks after your first year. Plus holidays. Taking time off is essential, and we want you to recharge in whatever ways you see fit.
  • Unlimited sick leave.
  • Full medical, dental, vision benefits covered for you and dependents. It’s a great plan with a very low deductible. With an insurance company called Premera that is beloved in the Seattle region.
  • Stock options.
  • NORI tokens, proportional to the stock options.

Additional requirements for this position

This position will be located in Seattle, WA in our Ballard office. We are an office-centric culture with flexibility around remote work and daily schedules.


The expected pay range for this position is between $126,000-$156,600. 

When you apply for this position, please say you saw this job on Green Dream Jobs!!

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