The Climate Reality Project is Churning Out Climate Change Leaders

Annette McGee Rasch

Back in 2006, the Climate Reality Project got its start when Al Gore brought 50 advocates together to spread the word about climate change. This was soon after the release of his Academy Award winning documentary “An Inconvenient Truth” claimed America’s attention.

Now, almost 20 years later, over 40,000 people are trained to give public talks – similar to Gore’s presentation in the film – and working groups are now active in 12 key regions/countries; plus there’s countless Climate Reality branches and chapters mobilizing worldwide.

Adding energy to the climate justice movement, these no-nonsense grassroots activists help expose Big Oil’s lies – pushing for the strongest possible pollution standards, promoting renewable energy and more. This project also confronts governments about the misuse of taxpayer funds to directly and indirectly subsidize the industry. Overall, participants are demanding the adoption of bold sustainable solutions across all economical and cultural sectors on all continents. About 3.5 million people are involved!

Advocacy that results in meaningful societal change action stems from grassroots community contact – and speaking up at public meetings and events is a great way to reach people. However the networking required to make this happen is typically under-valued and thankless. Understanding this, the Climate Reality Leadership Corps empowers everyday people to unite and lead the effort on climate change by providing science-based policy solutions.

In the US, 107 community and 26 Campus Corps chapters now run over 200 climate action campaigns. Examples include stopping coal ash pollution in Georgia and shutting down pipelines in the Great Lakes region. All kinds of people are involved:  community organizers, students, cultural leaders, politicians, scientists, activists, teachers and storytellers – all committed to promoting a “swift, systemic, and just transition toward net zero emissions by mid-century, with major steps toward that goal by 2030.”

Social justice is also a core component of the Climate Reality Project. Only by creating an equitable world with diverse voices around the tables of power can the climate crises be effectively addressed.  

Climate Reality Leadership training is taking place in New York City (and online), April 12-14.  An all-star lineup of thought leaders, experts, and organizers will join Al Gore to discuss the status of the climate crisis and decide on the best ways forward. There will be conversations, skill sessions, networking opportunities and sharing of organizing tools all successful advocates need. The conference is free in person and online, you just have to register.

Multi-day trainings take place throughout the year with various thematic focuses. If you decide to jump in, the goal is to help new Climate Reality Leaders to:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the climate crisis and how we can solve it from the perspective of Al Gore and world-renowned scientists, activists, innovators, and policymakers.
  • Work with field-leading organizers and experts to become an effective advocate and leader, equipped with the skills to influence decision makers, shape public opinion and mobilize your community.
  • Learn about the relationship between the climate crisis and wide-ranging environmental justice issues from air pollution to loss and damage.
  • Connect with Climate Reality Leaders and join a global community of advocates.
  • Network with individuals and organizations leading the charge for solutions to the greatest challenge of our time.

The Climate Reality Project’s  website is an awesome and is a broad resource of information for any individual or organization wanting to step up their involvement in this most critical of good fights. You’ll have access to the world’s top experts, thought-leaders, scientists, advocates and other change agents. Plug in! The transition to a renewable energy, green economy can’t happen soon enough! The world needs YOU!

Annette McGee Rasch manages our Green Dream Jobs service. She’s also a free lance writer, dog trainer, animal advocate, grassroots organizer and nature lover. She lives in Southern Oregon.


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