Mass Protests In April, May in US and Around the World

This spring, huge rallies and protests are planned around the world against fossil fuels and to restore Democracy in the US.

On April 16-18,
Democracy Awakening takes place in Washington DC.

We can’t protect the environment without democracy, and environmental groups are joining with activists across the social spectrum to preserve our voice, such as labor, students and civil rights advocates.

"Corporate interests are holding our democracy hostage. Voter suppression is running rampant, fossil fuel money is warping our electoral process and now, leaders in Congress are even blocking fair consideration of a Supreme Court nominee," says Rachel Rye Butler of Greenpeace.


Democracy Awakening is about:

  • Restoring Voting rights by stopping voter suppression.

This is the first presidential election where state voter suppression laws are in force, making it much harder for students, minorities and older people to vote.

In Texas, for example, a special state-issued ID is required to vote, a drivers license or a student ID won’t work. In North Carolina and Wisconsin, university students can’t vote if their families live elsewhere, and so many campus voting places have been eliminated that it can take hours to even find a place to vote.

  • Getting Money Out of politics through campaign finance reform, transparency and overturning Citizens United

Without fossil fuel interests knocking on every Congressperson’s door, a renewable energy economy is within our reach, for example.

They are calling for:

  • Voting Rights Advancement Act: to restore and increase protection against voting discrimination.
  • Voter Empowerment Act: to modernize voter registration and ensure equal access to voting for all.
  • Democracy For All Amendment: would overturn Supreme Court decisions like Citizens United and limit influence of money in politics.
  • Government By the People Act/Fair Elections Now Act: would amplify small contributions from everyday Americans.

May 4-15, Break Free From Fossil Fuels

People are mobilizing across the world to demand a rapid transition to renewable energy, and an end to taking fossil fuels out of the ground.

Globally coordinated mass actions are planned in the UK, Germany, Spain, Turkey, Israel, Australia, Brazil, Indonesia, Philippines Nigeria, South Africa, Canada and across the US.

They plan to occupy major fossil fuel sites, such as the largest coal mine in South Wales, where another may be built next door.

In the US, there will be "mass trespass at fracking sites", blockades at oil refineries and trains carrying oil.

The goal is to disrupt the power of the fossil fuel industry through "a series of peaceful, escalating actions…targeting the world’s most dangerous and unnecessary fossil fuel projects," says organizer

"The fossil fuel industry faces an unprecedented crisis – from collapsing prices, a new global climate deal, and an ever-growing movement calling for change.

We have never had a better chance in history to break free from fossil fuels and build a just transition to clean and renewable energy," they say.

"There are no major economic or technical barriers to a future supported by renewable energy. Any new infrastructure built to support fossil fuel expansion, such as coal mines, power plants, oil rigs and export terminals will be a waste of money and further lock us into a path to irreversible climate change," states Arif Fiyanto, Coal Campaigner at Greenpeace Indonesia.

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