Major Media, Grassroots Get Ready to Flood the System On Climate Change

At least part of the blame for inaction on climate change is the long-standing silence on the topic from the media. And in the rare instance they mention it, interviewees are too often deniers or special interests, or they present deniers’ views as equally valid as climate scientists.     

Now, some are trying to make up for that. 25 major publications from around the world have formed the Climate Publishers Network to raise awareness as the December Climate Summit in Paris draws near.

They agreed to freely share and syndicate climate change content without licensing fees to increase coverage as much as possible. 

Media organizations include: Seattle Times, The Guardian, The Irish Times, Politiken (Denmark), Al Ahram (Egypt), Clarín (Argentina), Sydney Morning Herald, India Today and China Daily. Others are from Austria, Belgium, Spain, Germany, Poland, Italy, France, Greece, Mauritania, Singapore, Peru, Bolivia and Algeria and New Zealand. They want more to join.

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Rising Tide North America

Climate Flood the System

Grass roots activists are also preparing for December’s Climate Summit, calling for "waves of resistance" this fall "to shut down the economic and political systems threatening our survival."

Led by Rising Tide North America, mass "Flood the System" protests will be held September through November across our continent – escalating as we get closer to the Summit, which takes place November 30-December 11 in Paris.

The goal is to tip the balance from corporate interests controlling climate negotiations – the main reason the world is on track to boil away from climate change – to end the Summit with the meaningful, deep action that is our only way out.

Rising Tide Seattle is behind the "kayakactivism" protests underway against Shell using their harbor to dock its Arctic oil drilling equipment.

Organizers say they are joining the many grassroots movements from those fighting for a living wage to immigration and police brutality. 

"There is a sense that there is so much happening right now that is powerful and empowering from the grassroots. People are expressing anger, taking to the streets, not fearful, and very activated in a way that has caught the imagination of the entire country and many places around the world," Sandy Nurse, an organizer with Rising Tide’s NYC chapter, told Common Dreams. "Now it’s time to join with and support other movements in rapidly escalating the pace and scale of our resistance to the level of the crises we’re facing."

"Communities on the front lines of fossil fuel extraction are fighting back. From Seattle, to Alberta, to Appalachia, people are organized in opposition to extraction, and taking action to uproot the systems driving the crisis," says Ahmed Gaya, an organizer with Rising Tide Seattle.

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