Want to Help Get Out the Vote for November's Election?

Last week we wrote about the enormous effort the environmental community is making to get climate leaders elected in November’s mid-term elections.

Would you like to help? 

What’s crucial is for people to show up and vote and several groups are ready to make it easy for you to call them. They are focused on the tight races that will decide whether Democrats retain control of the Senate.

Unfortunately, just about every Republican denies climate change and has been voting every time to obstruct any progress on environmental issues.

Democrats tend to sit-out the mid-term elections so calls to them can make all the difference.


League of Conservation Voters’ GreenRoots campaign is focused on nine tight Senate races where the outcome is critical to environmental progress. 

MoveOn.org’s Save the Senate Campaign

Progressive Change Campaign Committee’s Call Out the Vote Campaign.  

Climate Hawks Vote is a small, grassroots group that’s canvassing for true climate leaders, such as Rick Weiland (D-SD), Tom Udall (D-NM) and Jeff Merkley (D-OR).

Here’s an example of why we need to get these strong candidates elected:

Rick is running tirelessly – visiting all 311 towns in South
Dakota – on a simple message of taking the country back from big banks and Big Oil who have polluted our democracy. He’s  opposed the Keystone XL pipeline from the beginning, seeing the big money con that risks our heartlands prairies, while profiting TransCanada. He chaired the International Code Council, spearheading efforts on the first green construction code in the US. His first bill would give Congress the power to limit outside spending, limiting the power of Koch money to buy our democracy.   

There’s overlap between the groups on which candidates they are supporting, but there are also differences, so you can call for the ones you feel the strongest about.

All you need is a telephone!

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