Law Firm Chooses Hybrid SolarMills for Renewable Energy

A law firm on the Caribbean island of Jamaica has commissioned an innovative renewable energy system that combines solar and wind into one device – hybrid "SolarMills."

Not only will the 50 SolarMills provide renewable energy, they will protect against surges during extreme weather events. Located less than a quarter-mile from Kingston’s coast, typical wind gusts reach 60 miles per hour. The devices will produce 25 kilowatts of wind and 55 kilowatts of solar energy, generating 106,000 kilowatt-hours a year for Myers, Fletcher, & Gordon.

The law firm expects to save $2 million in energy costs (quite expensive on Jamaica) over its 25-year lifetime, with a payback period of less than four years.

WindStream Technologies combines vertical axis wind turbines with solar panels and a patented system of integrated electronics. Marrying the two resources captures energy at all times of the day and year. They are manufactured in Indiana.

SolarMill Windstream

WindStream competed for and was awarded the project for its ability to maximize energy production and ROI within the confines of limited roof space.

Learn more about WindStream (OTC: WSTI):

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