Conservatives Roll Coal to Show They've Had It With Climate Change

For every move forward these days there’s a counter-reaction and it can’t be any clearer than this on climate change.

Calling it "Prius repellent," some people are so sick and tired of hearing about climate change – and EPA’s plan to regulate coal emissions – that they are outfitting their trucks to "roll coal."

"For too long those Earth huggers have shoved their agenda down our throats," Stephen Colbert says, mimicking a coal roller. "Finally, there’s a way to shove our agenda down their lungs."

Incredibly, they shell out $1,000 to $5,000 to rig their pickup trucks to belch out plumes of black smoke as they drive. They install smoke stacks and equipment that "tricks" the engine into using more fuel. Then they drive around blowing smoke at their liberal targets on bicycles and fuel-efficient cars.

They apparently don’t need to breathe. It’s the same crowd that likes to show up in CVS or Starbucks with a nice, big gun slung over their back.

"The use-it-before-liberals-ban-it instinct is powerful," says David Weigel on Slate. Since 2007, environmental activists have campaigned for an "Earth hour," 60 minutes in which people turn off all electricity. Since 2009, the libertarian Competitive Enterprise Institute has responded with Human Achievement Hour, a call to spend those same 60 minutes by keeping the lights on."

Watch the segment on the Colbert Report: 

The Colbert Report

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Comments on “Conservatives Roll Coal to Show They've Had It With Climate Change”

  1. Jorge Casale

    Those nice people should be locked up in a chamber with an exhaust pipe of one of their beloved coal burning trucks connected to the chamber for even not more than 30 minutes. See if they like it.


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