Wind Resource Centers Pop Up Across US

With wind energy growing across the US, the Department of Energy (DOE) is setting up regional Wind Energy resource centers to help communities make the best decisions about how to incorporate this form of renewable energy.

Six Wind Energy Regional Resource Centers and their managers have been selected through a competitive process and are located in each region of the US: 

  • Northeast Wind Resource Center: the Clean Energy Group and Sustainable Energy Advantage will work with stakeholders to advance onshore and offshore wind.
  • Southeast Regional Resource Center for Wind Energy: Southeastern Coastal Wind Coalition.
  • Northwest Wind Resource and Action Center: Renewable Northwest Project.
  • Four Corners Wind Resource Center: Utah Clean Energy Alliance.
  • Midwest and Prairie Regional Wind Resource Center: Windustry.
  • America’s Islanded Grids Resource Center: Renewable Energy Alaska Project and Island Institute; covers island communities across the US and US Territories.

Wind farm in West Virginia:

Wind Farm West Virginia

The centers will help communities incorporate wind energy as is appropriate for their situation: small wind, community wind, and large land-based and offshore utility-scale facilities. The goal is to provide outreach and education based on accurate, impartial information in their regions. They will work with local policy-makers to help them make informed decisions, weighing the benefits and costs of various forms of wind energy.

Learn more at DOE’s wind website:

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