Heartland Releases More Hogwash Ahead of IPCC Climate Change Report

Editorial by Rona Fried

With this kind of hogwash going around, it’s no wonder Americans are confused about climate change.

This is an example of the kind of press release we regularly receive from conservative, right-wing, climate-change bashing Heartland Institute.  Like so many similar organizations, this group is part of the Koch Brothers’ web.

Press Release Title: Benefits of Global Warming Greatly Exceed Costs, New Study Says

Why would they release this "ground-breaking" report now? Because the science-based United Nations group will soon release the latest update on climate change research – the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

Heartland has come up with their own name for their non-science-based, fantasy group that challenges IPCC’s findings every time they come out. Notice the slight change in the name – sleight of hand:  

The Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change (NIPCC) – pretty cool, huh? – will hold a press conference on its report, Climate Change Reconsidered, hoping reporters will cover it, confusing Americans with the latest misinformation.

Koch Bros smaller

Here’s the BOGUS press release:

An international panel of climate scientists and economists will release a massive new report April 9 that finds the benefits of global warming "greatly exceed any plausible estimate of its

The report summarizes scholarly research published as recently as January 2014 on the impacts, costs, and benefits of climate change. Hefty chapters summarize thousands of peer-reviewed studies of the impact of rising levels of carbon dioxide – a greenhouse gas produced during the burning of fossil fuels – on plants and soils, agriculture, forests, wildlife, ocean life, and humankind.

The authors find higher levels of carbon dioxide and warmer temperatures benefit nearly all plants, leading to more
leaves, more fruit, more vigorous growth, and greater resistance to pests, drought, and other forms of "stress." Wildlife benefits as their habitats grow and expand. Even polar bears, the poster child of anti-global warming activist groups such as the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), are benefiting from warmer temperatures [editor’s note: if benefiting means starvation].

"Despite thousands of scientific articles affirming numerous benefits of rising temperatures and atmospheric CO2, IPCC
makes almost no mention of any positive externalities resulting from such," said one of the report’s lead authors, Dr. Craig D. Idso. "Climate Change Reconsidered II corrects this failure, presenting an analysis of thousands of neglected research studies
IPCC has downplayed or ignored in its reports so that scientists, politicians, educators, and the general public can be better informed and make decisions about the potential impacts of CO2-induced climate change."

The authors look closely at claims climate change will injure coral and other forms of marine life, possibly leading to some species extinctions. They conclude such claims lack scientific foundation
and often are grossly exaggerated. Corals have survived warming periods in the past that caused ocean temperatures and sea levels to be much higher than today’s levels or those likely to occur in the next century.

The authors contend the world’s economies are heavily dependent on fossil fuels because such fuels are and will continue to
be safer, less expensive, more reliable, and of vastly greater supply than alternative fuels such as wind and solar. Dramatically reducing the use of fossil fuels would have devastating effects on workers and consumers of both the developed and developing worlds, leading to severe hardship and even deaths.

Rather than continue to fight what is most likely a natural and unstoppable phenomenon, the authors call for adopting new
energy and environmental policies that acknowledge current market and environmental realities. Such policies would encourage economic growth as the foundation for a cleaner environment, responsible development and use of fossil fuels until superior energy sources are found, and repeal of many of the regulations, subsidies, and taxes passed at the height of the man-made global
warming scare.

Natural, Unstoppable Phenomenon

Although it’s far from "natural" to pump the amount of fossil fuels into the air that humanity continues to do, one thing Heartland is correct about: because of misinformation like this that’s preventing the US from taking action, climate change WILL soon be unstoppable and irreversible.

Here’s what the Economist says about Heartland: "The Heartland Institute is the world’s most prominent think tank promoting skepticism about man-made climate change." Heartland proudly displays the quote at the top of its "Center on Climate & Environmental Policy" website, but that’s not all they do:

"We also address other environmental issues including renewable portfolio standards (RPS), clean air standards, smart drilling and hydraulic fracturing, sustainable development, food safety, and more."

Yes, Heartland Institute, we know who you are and what you do. What we don’t know is how you sleep at night.

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Rona Fried, Ph.D. is CEO of SustainableBusiness.com and is sick and tired of this nonsense.
It’s incredible to me that we have to fear losing the Senate in 2014 to people who think like this. Please people, get out and vote – don’t stay home!

This article addresses Heartland’s assertions about more carbon equals greater plant growth:

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Comments on “Heartland Releases More Hogwash Ahead of IPCC Climate Change Report”

  1. John Mills

    What is scarier than global change is the closed ear. To call an alternate view “hogwash ” and ” how do you sleep at night” completely unprofessional and irresponsible. Counter views insure against dogmatic zeal. One has to wonder about your basis if it cannot hold to scutiny.

  2. Rob

    With incontrovertible evidence that anthropogenic climate change has already resulted in countless deaths and will result in many more, it is highly immoral to lie about climate change to protect the polluting elite class. Each and everyone of us is eventually held to account. All the climate change deniers should secede from the US and start their own country in drought ridden Texas where climate change has already cost billions. These are the stupid, ignorant, and immoral and are not worth a bucket of warm spit to true americans anyway. Stupid immoral idiots. There is no more time to waste with the evil republicans and right wing morons.

  3. Rob

    The view of this writer is spot on. Climate change is not a debatable opinion but experiential scientific fact. YES it is altogether right to call the climate change deniers “views” HOGWASH.

  4. Frosted Flake

    HOGWASH is not a swear word.

    The word refers to materials or methods used to make a pig seem more attractive.

  5. The Bride

    It’s much more than ‘global warming’ or ‘climate change’; it’s all of creation groaning in extreme duress as it suffers under the curse of fallen humankind, ie, sin.

    These are the mere birth pangs of what’s to come once the 7 Year Tribulation, ie, ‘Daniel’s 70th Week’ begins.

    God is desperately trying to warn us; also note whenever Israel has been mistreated by a nation that that nation experiences divine judgment.

    The more we keep sinning against a holy & righteous God, the more the Earth will suffer.

    I know it doesn’t sound ‘scientific’ & I’m sure many will mock & laugh & turn their supposedly superior noses up, but it’s the truth, like it or not.

    One One will be able to ‘reset’ the heavens & the Earth & that’s Jesus Christ. He’ll be coming back exactly 7 years after a peace treaty w/ Israel has been signed w/ the Antichrist.

    We don’t know who he is yet, but rest assured by the convergence of many, many prophetic events, he’s alive & awaiting his cue.

    Wanna learn more? Wanna know where this is all going? Humble yourself, admit you’re a sinner (we all are, we’re born that way d/t the ‘original fall’ w/ Adam, etc.), repent & put your faith in Jesus Christ & His atonement for mankind’s sinful nature on the cross.

    If you are truly seeking the Lord, He will reveal Himself to you; He revealed Himself to me several years ago when I was a mess & now I have the Rock of all ‘ages’ to cling to; it requires humility & an honest hard look at yourself, but it will set you free & when the Seals are opned & all Hell literally breaks loose, you won’t be here to experience it.

    I love the Earth as much as you all & hate to see it polluted, abused, etc.; redemption IS coming & it’s gonna be sweet:)

    Love & prayers to you all xoxo 

  6. NB

    Op-eds are not bound to the same styling rules as journalism, so the author is free to write, “hogwash” or any other adjective to describe Heartland. One could even argue that the author showed remarkable restraint.


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