Google Joins ALEC! Invests in 13th Renewable Energy Project

After buying the entire output of a Texas wind farm last month, Google announced yet another investment in a renewable energy project – its 13th – this time in solar.

Google is investing $103 million in Mount Signal Solar, a 265.7 megawatt (MW) solar PV plant coming online next year in Imperial County, California. 80,000 homes will be served by the project, which is selling all the electricity to San Diego Gas & Electric. It is owned by Silver Ridge Power (formerly AES Solar).

Last week, another project Google invested in came online in California – Ivanpah, the world’s largest concentrating solar plant.

In its blog, Google says, "Why are we making these investments? It’s simple: we believe in a clean energy future, and we think that companies like ours can help make it happen," says Kojo Ako-Asare, head of corporate finance for Google. "We invest in these projects because they make business sense, because they help put more renewable energy on the grid and because they have a positive impact on the local economies where they operate."

Google Joins ALEC!

We believe Google is serious about renewable energy – it’s invested over $1 billion since 2010! But why then did Google become a member of ALEC, which is known for its work to destroy the industry?

Along with Facebook and Yelp, Google serves on ALEC’s Telecommunications and Information Technology Task Force.

Clearly, Google wants help in protecting its business interests, but its founders must be aware of the harm ALEC has done and continues to do on a long list of crucial issues, including voter suppression and trying to eliminate Renewable Portfolio Standards.

ALEC is also behind the very weak fracking regulations proposed by the Department of Interior and the failure of cap-and-trade programs to go forward in the Midwest and Western regions of the US.

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