Solar Panels Return to White House

A solar system is being installed on the White House this week, three years after the President promised to do it to show his commitment to renewable energy.

How much solar is being installed isn’t clear, other than it will consist of 20-50 solar panels, but it will at least be a strong symbolic gesture, reversing President Reagan’s removal of them when he moved in.

A solar hot water system will also be installed as well as an energy retrofit of the first family’s residence.

We also don’t know which company’s solar panels are being deployed, only that they are made in America.

The project "will help demonstrate that historic buildings can incorporate solar energy and energy efficiency upgrades, and is estimated to pay for itself in energy savings over the next eight years," a White House official told the Washington Post.

President Jimmy Carter announcing installation of the first solar system on the White House in 1979.

Solar White House

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Comments on “Solar Panels Return to White House”

  1. Ted Nergy

    A hard-core republican defended Reagan’s decision saying that Carter’s panels were damaging the roof.

    Was there anything good that Carter did other than fight for Middle East, start no new wars and save a nuclear power plant from melting down with his own plans?

    It’s a pretty strong statement when an expert on nuclear power (Jimmy Carter) supports renewable energy.


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