eBay, Nike and Intel Send Climate Declaration to Congress

eBay, Nike and Intel and are among 33 corporations that sent a "Climate Declaration" to Congress, urging them to take action on climate change, calling a "bold response" one of the greatest American economic opportunities of the 21st century.

Other signatories include: Adidas, Annie’s, Organic Valley, Starbucks, Timberland, Levi Strauss, Ben & Jerry’s, Jones Lang LaSalle, L’Oréal, Limited Brands, North Face, Timberland and Unilever. 

Together, they generate $450 billion in annual revenue and 475,000 US jobs, says Ceres, which organized the campaign.

Signatories say they are moving on climate change by boosting renewable energy, efficiency and limiting carbon emissions and Washington needs to do the same by passing legislation this year. They point to the negative impacts on their businesses from severe weather we’ve seen so far.

"From droughts that affect cotton crops to Hurricane Sandy, which caused extensive damage to our operations, climate affects all aspects of our business," says Eileen Fisher, CEO of New York-based apparel firm Eileen Fisher, which suffered severe damage and business interruption during the 2012 storm. "As a socially and environmentally responsible company, we are trying to affect positive change, but business can’t do it alone. We need the support of strong climate legislation."

"The cost of inaction is too high. Policymakers should see climate change policy for what it is: an economic opportunity,"
says Anne Kelly, Director of Business for Innovative Climate & Energy Policy, a project of Ceres.

Many of these companies also sent a letter to Congress last year, pushing for renewal of the wind production tax credit.

The Climate Declaration says:

What made America great was taking a stand. Doing the things that are hard. And seizing opportunities. The very foundation of our country is based on fighting for our freedoms and ensuring the health and prosperity of our state, our  community, and our families. Today those things are threatened by a changing climate that most scientists agree is being caused by air pollution.

We cannot risk our kids’ futures on the false hope that the vast  majority of scientists are wrong. But just as America rose to the great challenges of the past and came out stronger than ever, we have to confront this challenge, and we have to win.

And in doing this right, by saving money when we use less electricity, by  saving money by driving a more efficient car, by choosing clean energy, by inventing new technologies that other countries buy, and creating jobs here at home, we will maintain our way of life and remain a true superpower in a competitive world.

In order to make this happen, however, there must be a coordinated effort to combat climate change – with America taking the lead here at home. Leading is what we’ve always done. And by working together, regardless of politics, we’ll do it again.

Climate Declaration 

Other businesses and individuals are encouraged to sign the Declaration: 

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