Meet the New Streetcar: No Wires, No Fuel

Even though the cleantech community has made huge strides in the world economy, it’s still being held back by all the things we constantly write about here, such as fossil fuel interests that have a stranglehold on Congress. 

What’s most frustrating is that a Gusher of creativity is waiting to be released. New sustainable industries and products are at our fingertips.  

Like this simple example.

Alvaro Villa, an entrepreneur from Colombia, just sold his fourth green streetcar to Aruba.


He’s trying to get TIG/m Modern Street Railways off the ground for inner-city public transportation, and is manufacturing in Los Angeles.

These aren’t like the old streetcars which run on overhead wires. They are self-powered hybrid/electric cars that combine lithium batteries, regenerative braking, and a hydrogen fuel cell. They run on sophisticated energy and power control software.

"TIG/m represents the best Los Angeles and America has to offer: they’re a homegrown small business that is innovative, forward-looking, and green," says Antonio Villaraigosa, Mayor of Los Angeles. "I am proud that my office has been able to help TIG/m through the Minority Business Development Agency Business Center, setting a perfect example that Los Angeles companies can export their innovative ideas around the world." 

Indeed, the agency helped TIG get the contract with Aruba,  valued at over $3 million. That allowed TIG to double the size of its manufacturing  facility.

Aruba is beginning a transition to 100% renewable energy, the world’s first sustainable economy.

Sir Richard Branson’s Carbon War Room is the partner – its Smart Island Economies initiative is developing a model that can be replicated across the Caribbean and Pacific islands.

As part of that, Aruba’s capitol, Oranjestad has implemented an inner-city streetcar system. Other systems TIG is working on are in major developments in Texas and California, and in Baha, Mexico. 






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  1. Fred M Pohl

    I know they have one of these in Los Angeles I was in Aruba in 2012 There wasn’t beans then Now I would go there just to get photos of these for my own collection Solar powered streetcars could set a new trend in motion nationwide This is real awesome


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