Starbucks Agrees to 100% Certified Palm Oil

Starbucks has agreed to buy 100% of any palm oil it uses from certified sustainable suppliers by 2015, in response to a shareholder resolution filed by the Green Century Balanced Fund, an environmentally responsible mutual fund. 

Green Century filed the resolution because uncertified palm oil producers are responsible for much of the destruction of Indonesian and other rainforests. They raze the forests and turn them into industrial palm plantations, significantly raising greenhouse gas emissions in addition to destroying some of our planet’s most fecund and biodiverse forests.

"Shareholders needed Starbucks to address the business risks associated with sourcing conventional palm oil and it has delivered.  As an environmentally-responsible investment advisory firm, we believe that improving the environmental practices of the companies in which we invest may make them better long-term investments," says Leslie Samuelrich, Senior Vice President, Green Century. 

Starbucks also agreed to join the Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil, and to work with Green Century on the delivery of the company’s commitments.

Other companies that have committed to sustainable palm oil include Unilever, McDonald’sSC Johnson, Avon, Kellogg, Nestle, Procter &Gamble, General Mills, Walmart and Co-Operative Group, the owner of the U.K.’s fifth-largest supermarket chain.

This month, Solazyme announced a deal which will substitute algae oil for palm oil.

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  1. Palm Oil Consumer

    Don’t celebrate yet. This is just an announcement that they will look into sustainable palm oil.There is no framework laid out in the announcement as to what will constitute ” sustainable palm oil ” for Green Century and Starbucks. Will it be absolutely free of animal cruelty and global warming?

    Help them shape a policy this week.


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