UK Defense Ministry Taps IBM to Improve Energy Efficiency

IBM has been selected by the UK’s defense department to optimize energy efficiency across its entire portfolio of buildings, which span thousands of real estate holdings.

The Defense Infrastructure Organization (DIO), the operational arm of the Ministry of Defense, is one of the country’s biggest landowners, overseeing 4000 barracks, bases and military training grounds.

Over its 900 square miles of real estate, it owns 45,000 buildings and 55,000 houses in other countries as well, including Germany, Cyprus, the Falkland Islands, and as far away as Nepal and Oman.

The contract is similar to one IBM signed with the US Airforce earlier this year.

Under the agreement, IBM’s smarter building software will replace DOI’s outdated information technology infrastructure. The goal is to create a centralized management system that provides better insight into building performance.

IBM’s Tririga software analyzes which potential building upgrades will have the most impact on energy efficiency and prioritizes them. Last year, IBM acquired Tririga to fill out its Smarter Buildings consulting practice.

DIO will also use geospatial mapping software from an IBM business partner, Esri UK Ltd, to determine whether certain sites and resources could be consolidate.

"The award of this contract to IBM represents a major milestone in transforming the DIO since it will allow us to work smarter in providing a Defence estate, which meets military needs and supports our Armed Forces," says Andrew Manley, DIO Chief Executive.

Buildings account for 45% of Britain’s carbon emissions. IBM is also putting its software to work on behalf of wave energy and the "smart energy cloud" in the UK.

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