Panasonic Launches Model Eco-Factory In Vietnam

Panasonic has opened its fifth "eco ideas" factory in the Asia Pacific region – this one in Vietnam.

The manufacturing facility makes environmentally responsible products using sustainable processes, says Panasonic. One of the main goals is to use the factory as a model, hosting a range of outreach activities to educate the community. 

Panasonic says its vision is to become the top Green Innovation Company in the electronics industry by 2018. It’s also using the factories to promote the company’s sustainability initiatives.

The Vietnam facility set a benchmark in manufacturing for low emissions and waste, and minimizing chemical use. 

Panasonic Asia Pacific committed several years ago to establishing at least one eco ideas factory in each country where it operates manufacturing sites by March 2013. 

There are eco ideas factories in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia, making lighting, appliances and electronics. A factory opens in India this year, and two more are planned for next year.

"Environmental deterioration is prevalent not only in Vietnam, but also in many other parts of the world. The choice is ours to reduce the impact of this alarming trend and ensure environmental sustainability. ‘eco ideas’ and eco activities have been a core focus in Panasonic since 2007. We hope through the ‘eco ideas’ Factory and eco activities being conducted, Panasonic is able to play an effective role in changing mindsets and driving individuals to assume greater environmental responsibility in their communities," says Mr. Shinichi Wakita, General Director of Panasonic Vietnam Group.

Panasonic hopes to reach 200,000 students through factory tours by early next year, to raise awareness of the need for more sustainability manufacturing practices throughout the region.

Panasonic’s eco ideas encompasses a wide range of initiatives, including the development of technologies to support a zero-carbon lifestyle and the adoption of sustainable business practices across the entire company.

One of its more creative projects is a Sustainable Smart Town in Japan. Opening in March 2014, the town will showcase a range of Panasonic’s technologies that can provide a comprehensive solution to smart urban development.

Here’s the Eco Ideas website:

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