Capstone's iPad App Shows Savings From Renewable Energy

Capstone Turbine Corp (Nasdaq:CPST), a leading manufacturer of microturbines, has launched an iPad app that promotes the company and also serves as a unique tool that clarifies savings available through renewable energy. 

"Capstone World 2.0" allows anyone around the world to – with just a few quick keystrokes on an iPad – to determine the potential savings in energy costs and reduction of carbon dioxide emissions if certain city buildings switch from utility power to low-emission microturbines, solar, and wind turbines.

The free app displays a Distributed Energy Calculator, which culls electric rates directly from utilities, showing the huge energy cost savings and emission reductions from deploying microturbines, solar PV, and wind turbines, individually or in combination.

Take Sacramento, Calif., for example. If just 1% of buildings that use large amounts of energy switched from the utility to a combination of these renewable energy sources, an estimated $10 million would be saved each year, while cutting carbon  emissions 82,000 tons.

On a larger scale, if nine Sacramento facility types, including hotels, office buildings, factories, retailers, universities and hospitals switched to these renewable energy sources, over $1 billion in energy costs would be saved each year, while carbon emissions would drop nearly 8.2 million tons. 

The second component of Capstone World 2.0 enables users to explore the industries where Capstone’s microturbines are currently being used through written and video case studies.

"Our goal is to provide real world data that will help people make smart energy decisions for the clean energy future we all want and need," says Darren Jamison, Capstone CEO.

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  1. joe

    How about some kind of app that mines the power of the 99% with a way to support clean energy and clean politics by bypassing the Kchocking apparatus of the conscious-less dirty fuel barons and their rabid media priests. …just saying.


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