Energy Fact Check Sets the Record Straight on Renewables

Noting the sad truth that America’s debate on renewable energy is unbalanced and over-politicized, ACORE CEO Vice Admiral Dennis McGinn, announced the launch of a service to set the facts straight. 

The American Council On Renewable Energy (ACORE), a leading trade association, launched and @EnergyFactCheck on Twitter, where reporters, policy makers and the public can learn about renewable energy from well-founded facts instead of inaccuracies and misrepresentations.

"Unfortunately, misperceptions of clean and renewable energy abound, and opponents of renewables are pushing the occasional bad news as if it’s the only news," says McGinn. "They are dominating the conversation through misrepresentation, exaggeration, distraction and millions of dollars in lobbying and advertising. and @EnergyFactCheck will help ensure that the facts about our industry are front and center." 

The website and Twitter feed include regularly updated facts and data on every major renewable energy industry, as well as fact-based answers to major controversies. 

"Right now in Washington, politicians are using our industry to score political points. Some want the American people to ignore the billions of dollars in investments and the millions of renewable energy jobs we have created. America’s investors and financiers know that renewable energy is a smart investment and is an industry that should be treated as such, and not as a political football."

Example: after two years of bashing DOE’s loan guarantee program for renewables, the House continues its assault with the No More Solyndras bill.

Conservatives have used Solyndra’s bankruptcy to convince the public that investments in renewable energy technologies are unreliable and risky. In January, the Americans for Prosperity advocacy group funded by the billionaire Koch brothers launched a $6 million television ad campaign slamming the Solyndra loan guarantee.

Some of the inaccurate claims the GOP has made flash on the website:

– DOE’s Loan Guarantee Program is a waste of taxpayer money
– Renewable energy doesn’t create jobs and raises electricity costs.
– No one invests in renewable energy
– The stimulus bill’s support for renewable energy sent jobs overseas
– The Obama administration is forcing the US Navy to use unproven biofuels.

Features include:

  • The Fact Check: fact-based answers to the most common or newsworthy claims against renewables;
  • Energy Issues: the most relevant, current news, reports and analyses of renewable energy’s costs, jobs, deployment, investment, national security and related issues;
  • Direct links to infographics, videos and other multimedia resources for downloads and reposting;
  • Energy Contacts: a centralized contact list for experts in the industry;
  • Energy Library: a searchable database of the most recent government and third-party studies and analyses of renewable energy in the US. 

Here’s the website:

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