Bay Area Closer to Getting Electrified

Caltrain, the rail system that travels through greater San Francisco area, is going electric with a $1.4 billion upgrade.  

California’s Metropolitan Transportation Commission approved the funds, which would apply over $700 million to achieve electrification by 2020. 

One of the ways the state is trying to gain support for the controversial proposed high speed rail system is to upgrade local rail networks first.

In this case, the retrofit would replace diesel engines with lighter, electric-power cars making the trains run more quietly with much less air pollution. They would also make more stops.

And it by investing in the local networks in the San Francisco and Los Angeles areas, it would prepare the state for high speed rail.

Both labor and environmental groups are in favor of the projects.

$500 million in Federal Transit Administration funds will also go toward the Caltrain electrification project, and remaining funds will come from bridge tolls, the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, and the Peninsula Corridor Joint Powers Board.

The project still needs approval from the state legislature and from various local Transportation Authories.

Let’s hope this great project happens.

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