Building the Self-Sufficient City: NYC Covered in Green

Architect Michael Sorkin visualizes a beautiful future using NYC as an example for what it could be like to live in a major city.

Earlier today, we reported on Sustainia, an initiative to change the conversation on addressing climate change from dire warnings to enticing, desirable better ways of living.

In his "NYC Steady State," he envisions a completely self-sufficient city with green everywhere – buildings are covered with vegetation from the ground up, in addition to green roofs. There are many urban farms.

NYC Steady State

Sorkin has been developing the plan for 11 years using  empirical data on NYC’s supply and demand. He hopes to finish it in three years, addressing energy, buildings, mobility, social economics, water, food, air, waste, and climate.

In addition to making use of thousands of vacant rooftops, the plan includes vertical farms, edible living walls, street level farms and lots of open space. 

Times Square, for example, would be a production hub. It would still have bright lights and theaters, but it would be shaded by fruit trees and solar panels.

Some cities are developing elements of this plan already, such as Philadelphia’s Green City plan for controlling storm runoff to prevent floods from climate change.

Thanks to Inhabit for pointing us to this great work. Visit their site to see more photos:

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