For Valentine's Day, 80 Jewelry Retailers Commit to Sustainable Supply Chain

Many aren’t aware that mining for metals, such as gold, causing the most toxic pollution of any industry in the US.

Today, over 80 jewelry retailers from around the world, including 8 of the top 10 US retailers, committed to cleaning up dirty metals by signing the No Dirty Gold campaign’s "Golden Rules" for more responsible metals sourcing. 

80% of the gold mined worldwide is turned into jewelry.

Tiffany & Co., Target, Sears/Kmart and JCPenney have all committed to taking steps to clean up irresponsible gold mining, such as studying their metals supply chains, revising their supplier sourcing criteria to include the Golden Rules, increasing recycled gold content, among others. Some have even signed the Bristol Bay pledge to refuse gold from the proposed Pebble mine in Alaska (which has been voted down in a referendum, but is still being pushed forward).

Who hasn’t signed on? Macy’s (which includes Bloomingdale’s), the fifth largest retail, and Costco, the ninth largest. 

The Golden Rules call on mining companies to meet a set of social, human rights, and environmental criteria for gold and other precious metals. 

  • Respect basic human rights outlined in international
    conventions and law
  • Obtain the free, prior, and informed consent of
    affected communities.
  • Respect workers’ rights and labor standards, including
    safe working conditions
  • Ensure that operations are not located in areas of
    armed or militarized conflict
  • Ensure that projects do not force communities off their
  • Ensure that projects are not located in protected
    areas, fragile ecosystems, or other areas of high conservation or ecological
  • Refrain from dumping mine wastes into the ocean,
    rivers, lakes, or streams
  • Ensure that projects do not contaminate water, soil, or
    air with sulfuric acid drainage or other toxic chemicals
  • Cover all costs of closing down and cleaning up mine
  • Fully disclose information about social and
    environmental effects of projects
  • Allow independent verification of the

Here’s a list of retailers that have signed on.

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