24 Hours to Stop Tar Sands Pipeline Approval

UPDATE: The Senate could vote today on a
plan to greenlight construction of the Canada Keystone XL tar sands pipeline. 

As of Feb 14, 770,000 signatures have been gathered, exceeding the groups’ goal of 500,000. Please add yours to the petition – see link at bottom of this article.

Read Robert Redford’s editorial in the Huffington Post.

Last month, President Obama stood up to oil industry lobbyists and threats from Republicans by rejecting the permit for this dangerous pipeline.

The pipeline still hasn’t had an economic or environmental review, but it is coming up for a vote, which many believe has a good chance of passing.

Senator John Hoeven (R-ND), along with 44 co-sponsors, introduced a bill (S 2041) that grants Congress the authority to approve the Keystone pipeline, without the President’s approval.

It’s also been attached to the Senate Transportation bill, where the GOP is trying to pass a drill, baby, drill bill which would pass the pipeline, open the Arctic National Refuge and all coasts to drilling.

Dozens of organization are joining to gather 500,000 signatures over the next 24 hours and deliver them to the Senate.

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Read about the pipeline if you aren’t up to speed on this destructive project. Although proponents say it would create 20,000 jobs, the facts are closer to 5000 temporary jobs. It would carry the crude through the US to refineries on the Gulf coast, which would then export it. Tar sands oil produces three times the greenhouse gases as conventional oil.

Tar Sands Coming to Maine?

If the Senate approves the pipeline, there are plans for plenty more. Exxon and Enbridge have plans for a pipeline that would  travel from Canada, through Vermont, New Hampshire and then Maine, to the port of Portland – so they can export from there.

The pipeline they have in mind for Maine travels right along georgeous Sebago Lake, the major source of drinking water for the region.

I’ve been summering in this area my entire life – and walk that pipeline every day. The area is filled with native plants and wildflowers, not to mention animals.

The pipeline, which has been carrying crude oil for 62 years, would instead carry tar sands oil.

Tar sands oil, mixed with added chemicals would flow through the 62- year old single wall pipes. The caustic materials, which easily could leak through such old pipes would cross dozens of rivers and thread along many lakes. 

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Comments on “24 Hours to Stop Tar Sands Pipeline Approval”

  1. Connie Townsend

    I appose the contruction of the Tar Sands Pipeline due to negative impact on the environment and minimal jobs it will provide. Vote no!!!

  2. Concerned Citizen

    I saw the testimony on C-Span, and if you all take the time to as well, you will not vote yes on this unwarented and dangerous project. From the foreign steel to the water contamination to the threat to our dependence on foreign oil, you must look to the next technology of the future, not miring us for another 100 years. Sincerely, Brian Reardon

  3. liza

    terrible for real estate values, and all life in the affected area and beyond THIS PROJECT IS A BACKWARD step and if taken will sent us as a country down the wrong path for decades so that we will not have time to make solutions before we are at the very edge of the cliff of peak oil and
    devastating climate chaos issues….


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