Wind Manufacturers Join Trade War Against China

Now that the solar industry is divided over the trade complaint filed against China, the same could happen among US wind manufacturers.

A group of US wind manufacturers, the Wind Tower Trade Coalition, has asked the U.S. Department of Commerce and the International Trade Commission to investigate and implement tariffs on Chinese and Vietnamese manufacturers they believe are "dumping" wind towers into the U.S. market below cost.

The trade complaint only covers wind towers, not other wind turbine components – turbines, nacelles or blades. The complaint says the utility-scale towers are produced in 10 states in the US.  

The International Trade Commission says it will determine if US wind manufacturers are hurt by these practices in February, and the Dept of Commerce should make a determination within six months.

China lashed out at the US in response to the solar industry complaint, which is currently under consideration. China is considering implementing its own tariff against US solar and wind exports.

Read about China’s reaction: 

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