San Diego School Buses Soon to Run on Recycled Cooking Oil

San Diego’s school buses will soon be running partially on recycled cooking oil from local restaurants.

New Leaf Biofuel, a local biodiesel producer that collects used oil from about 1500 restaurants, has signed with San Diego’s Unified School District to supply its entire fleet of over 500 buses with biofuel by the end of the 2014-15 school year.

The buses will run on B20, which means that 20% of the fuel is biofuel and the rest is conventional diesel. But that’s clean diesel thanks to conversions completed on all buses that reduce particulate matter.

New Leaf supplies biodiesel to businesses, universities and the US Navy in San Diego and nearby cities. The founder is a former environmental attorney turned entrepreneur whose been working to expand the use and quality of biodiesel locally.

New Leaf plans to double production to 4 MMgy of biodiesel this year and have a workforce of about 30 employees.

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