Justice Party Will Challenge Dems, GOP in 2012 Elections

On Monday, the newly formed Justice Party announced it would provide a third party option in the 2012 presidential election. 

After getting input from people across the US, they chose the name,"Justice Party," because it seems what people want most is a level playing field of economic justice, social justice, and environmental justice for all.

Former Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson, known as one of the more progressive mayors ever, is running for president on the Justice Party ticket.

During his two mayoral terms from 2000-2008, Anderson was an outspoken champion of environmental sustainability, gay rights and opposing the war in Iraq.

He vows to fight the influence of money in politics and pledges to limit individual donations to $100.

Rocky Anderson discussed his campaing in an interview with Amy Goodman, host of the nationally syndicated radio news program, Democracy Now!.

Here are some excerpts from Rocky Anderson: 

We launched the Justice Party because the entire system is so corrupt. It’s so diseased. We know that the public interest is not being served by anyone in the system right now, particularly the two dominant parties who have sustained this corrupt system and who are sustained by it.

… through their collusion, have brought this country to its knees economically. Without the Democrats colluding with the Republicans, we would not have engaged in an illegal, aggressive war against Iraq. We’ve seen Democrats and Republicans together granting retroactive immunity to the telecom companies and Wall St firms. 

… we have this two-tiered system of government. Not only a two-tiered system in terms of our economy, with very few privileged people cleaning up while the rest of us are suffering in so many dramatic ways because of the economic upheaval, but we have this special class of people who aren’t even held accountable under the law.

… When they make these campaign contributions, they get a very good return on their investment. We’d have a universal healthcare system like every other nation in the industrialized world, were it not for the corrupting influence of the money flowing in from the medical insurance industry. So, that’s what–the failure, in terms of every major public policy issue, to serve the public interest can be attributed to that corrupting influence of money. 

… There is a greater economic disparity between the very wealthy and the rest of us in this country, greater than at any time since the 1920s. And we need to get things back to the point where we’re building up a strong middle class.

You know, when you hear about Newt Gingrich proposing that we give these massive tax favors, once again, to the very wealthiest, and not giving a break to the middle class and the poor in this country, that–it’s an obscenity. The loss of revenues from the Bush tax cuts, which have been perpetuated now by both parties, is devastating to our economy and our budget. 

… Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich know the dangers of climate change and what the science is. But these people who are willing to ignore the catastrophic consequences of climate change in order to get elected, rather than providing the leadership that we as a nation need and that the international community needs, I think it’s unconscionable.

And once again, that’s where we see our government completely failing the people, not only of this nation, but people around the world. And it’s because of the corrupting influence of the fossil fuel industry, the coal, oil and gas companies that pour so much money into these campaigns, and impacting what Congress does and now what the White House is doing.

… I was mayor of Salt Lake City, the capital of probably the most conservative state in the country. We reduced greenhouse gas emissions from city operations by 31 percent in three years. I went around the country and spoke in other nations about best practices, the dangers of climate change, how we all need to come together.

Last month, Dr. Jill Stein announced she would run for president as the Green Party candidate. When asked why he didn’t run as part of the Green Party, Anderson said it has organizational problems and is perceived as too far to the left to attract people across the political spectrum.

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Comments on “Justice Party Will Challenge Dems, GOP in 2012 Elections”

  1. fed up A

    Go Rocky. Just don’t get into any small planes and watch out for the incredible pressure you’ll get from the Democrats who will use all their influence to stop you.

  2. Richard Clark

    I don’t understand why he just doesn’t unite with the already established Green Party instead of dividing the Left?

  3. Diane

    When googling for “justice party” several links came up to Egypt’s “Freedom and Justice Party.” How fitting.
    Rocky is right about the Greens.

  4. Kermit the Frog

    Rocky seems like a great guy. But like Nader, he will find that he won’t get a lot of votes and he will do nothing to build a third party alternative. The biggest problem with the Greens is that they believe in grassroots democracy, which can be a pain in the neck for people like Ralph and Rocky to deal with it. But the Greens have hung in there for several decades under difficult conditions, win a lot of local races for big offices that are nonpartisan, and now regularly pull in the high double digits in bigger partisan races for state level offices. Someone like Rocky running as a Green – and focused on building a grassroots movement to which he is accoutable to, unlike Nader – might help them move to the next level. Yes, they are lousy at fundraising and like to debate too much, but still they have deep roots that Anderson won’t come close to matching after this election. Most of the problems with the Greens are a reflection of how the odds are stacked against third parties in US, the least democratic democracy by far on the planet. Rocky is being naive.

  5. Chris in Cal

    The very challenge itself, just like the Occupy Wall Street movement, is a populist and open-air university of ideas. The Justice Party’s first success, then has been to capture the national stage and teach about viable political alternatives. I remember when I came out west in ’78 and was given a little campaign button. It read “QUESTION AUTHORITY”. Like a key it opened a mind I never knew was locked. Thanks, Rocky Anderson and Justice Party campaigners–of COURSE we can change the system itself! This is a mandatory preliminary action in my view.

  6. gnatcar

    It makes sense that he doesn’t want to run with the Green Party. What we need is a NEW movement, something that does not already have baggage. I completely agree that the GP is too far left to get the votes needed to win. He will attract more votes with the course he has chosen.

  7. micro

    The comments are not well-reasoned. Green Pary by its name itself appears to be a a group dominated by one issue, thus not much support. The “Justice Party” has a broader base. We need more parties, I think this might be a good alternative. Obama has proven himself to be a tool of the machine. I’m looking into it.


    Dear Concerned Voters,

    If you would like to reach either the Justice Party National Committee or Ross C. “Rocky” Anderson’s Campaign Committee, you can send a request for more information to my email: drewgoldsmith.justice@gmail.com and I will make sure it is delivered to the right destination.

    Thank you all for your support.

    Drew Goldsmith
    Justice Party National Committee
    Office of Public Information


    [ FEC Disclaimer РThis information was approved by the Justice Party National Committee and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.
    This information is not an endorsement of any particular Justice Party candidate or candidate’s election committee. ]

  9. Gentle Giant

    Well It’s about time! Rocky has been a supporter of the occupy movement! He’s been to different occupy movements all around the country! he needs to become very familiar with the best independent progressive t.v show in america, countdown with keith obermann! and The young turks with cenk uygar! bith on current t.v. where he can be treated fairly, and introduce himself to america as being a real progressive, who can make a difference! let us make it happen family! 2012! Rocky! Rocky! Rocky! That’s Former Mayor Of Salt Lake City, Utah. And true 99% Get Money out of politics! The Rock! Rocky Anderson!

  10. Timothy Smith NC

    I’m in. This is good for America and the people being screwed. Time for people complaining about a lack of options to get involved and put their money where their mouth is. I will be.

  11. Dr. Jill Stein Green Party fan

    Dr. Jill Stein, Green Party candidate for President, is in talks, and has been for months with Rocky. She said during a TV interview those discussions are “friendly, collaborative, and intelligent”. Dr. Jill Stein added, “Rocky and I are talking about working together over the short term and long term together.

    Before a person can run for anything they need to get on the ballot. The Green Party has ballot status in most of the U.S. It has take the Green Party and multiple elections a couple decades to get on the ballot and receive enough votes to maintain the Green Party ballot lines.

    Rocky will soon find how difficult and costly that work is. Rocky just came out of the larger party.
    It is all new to him. Let’s hope the he learns quickly that the Green Party and Dr. Stein are a valuable team.

    The Green Party and Dr. Stein look forward to working with Rocky and his supporters.

  12. Sandra

    I certainly support the Justice Party USA. I donated yesterday and have been spreading this good news everywhere. If we, the 99%, will inform everyone we know, this new party may just make it as a viable 3rd party in 2012. We must be active supporters if we want to come out of the economic and social mess the other parties put us in. Let’s stop just shouting in the streets, and get behind a party that can bring the change we desperately need in our county!

  13. Wayne Krider

    The most difficult hurdle is to vote for the Justice Party and run the risk of handing the reins of the country to the Republicans for four to eight years of more or worse debacles than the Bush years. Pres. Obama hasn’t lived up to the “change” he promised but he’s not “Dubba” either. How do we get past that issue?
    I think the Justice party will need to expand influence with the masses before one doesn’t feel that they are not casting their vote away.

  14. Ricoman

    Justice Party has good ideas but I agree that they will only take voted from the Dems and heaven help us if the Republicans take the presidency. Maybe the Justice party should work within the Democratic party similar to what the Teabaggers did with the Republicans.

  15. RevolutionaryMindset

    Rocky is like a breath of fresh air in a stale, stagnant, mildewed rotting room. He’s definitely got my vote! It’s great to see a politician who has a real understanding of how our country should be run. I just hope he’s not corrupted by the powers that be. Stay gold Ponyboy.


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