California's New Regs Discourage Tar Sand Oil, Chiquita Joins Companies Who Won't Use It

As the GOP forces its hand, demanding that a decision on the tar sands pipeline be made in 60 days as a condition for passing Obama’s payroll tax continuation, California passed regulations that would make it hard for tar sands oil to be used in the state.

California’s first-in-the-US low carbon fuel standard now ranks the carbon intensity of 250 fuels, and favors less carbon intensive fuels to be used in the state – that would leave out tar sands crude. 

Under the standard, the carbon-intensity of transportation fuels will decline 10% by 2020; starting next year, companies will have to reduce their carbon scores.

11 Mid-Atlantic and Northeast states have agreed to follow California’s lead by developing a comprehensive, regional low carbon fuel standard. 

In 2007, then-Senator Obama introduced national low carbon fuels legislation.

And as Canada promises to move forward on tar sands pipelines down the spine of the US and west to its own ports, more companies are refusing to buy the dirty oil.

Chiquita Brands is the 15th  company to sign on stop using tar sands oil. As a result of a ForestEthics campaign, Chiquita says it will eliminate all suppliers that sell the oil, joining Walgreens, Gap and Levi’s, among others.

ForestEthics’s new targets are Safeway and Walmart.

Tar sands resolutions were among a record 95 climate change related shareholder resolutions filed with 82 U.S. and Canadian companies in 2010 and 2011.

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Comments on “California's New Regs Discourage Tar Sand Oil, Chiquita Joins Companies Who Won't Use It”

  1. James H

    I would prefer companies target countries and industries that are suppressing human rights and female equality. The Oil Sands in Canada support human rights, they are not all stripped mined and are far ahead of where companies were decades and now where they mine coal for energy production. It is one thing to b moral, but you must be consistent in your ethics, something I have yet to see from any of the companies that have signed on to this protest (Chiquita past record in Central America).


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