Green Party Presidential Candidate?

Against staggering odds, Dr. Jill Stein plans to run for president as a Green Party candidate.

The Massachusetts physician will implement a "Green New Deal" if she can get on the ballot in most or all of the 50 states, and somehow bypass the powerful Republican and Democratic party machines. But in these days of citizen unrest, anything is possible.

She provides an antidote for many who are disappointed in President Obama’s lack of leadership on issues ranging from health care to offshore drilling to renewable energy and climate change. 

On the other hand, she could split the ticket, taking precious votes from Democrats along the lines of Bush v. Gore v. Nader in 2000. Obama faces a tough election as it is with a 40% approval rating and 9% unemployment.

Her Green New Deal:

1.  Create massive employment by developing a green infrastructure

2.  Medicare For All health insurance 

3.  Free pre-k through college education

4.  Forgiveness of all student debt

5.  Moratorium on home foreclosures

6.  Immediately bring the troops home – including private security contractors – from Iraq and Afghanistan

She would prosecute the "Wall Street crooks" (her words) 
and re-instate the Glass-Steagall Act, the repeal of which led to the financial meltdown – and would again separate commercial from investment banking.

She would ditch the Patriot Act in place and would stop pursuing new military actions in the Mid-East as Obama has done.

Stein says she can do all this AND balance the budget through single payer healthcare that’s focused on preventing illness rather than treating disease, institute tiered taxes on the wealthiest Americans, tax Wall St. transactions, and tax  corporate off-shore operations. 

Stein would defend the existing Social Security system against the widespread myth of insolvency, and says climate change is "the greatest threat confronting our generation."

And she wants to get big money out of politics.

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