Great Use for Recycled Plastic, Build a Bridge

If you’ve ever thought about using recycled plastic to build a deck for your home, you know it has superb durability and requires very little maintenance compared to wood. It’s a way to preserve precious forests while recycling waste. 

In the UK, Vertech Ltd. built a 90-foot bridge from 50 tons of plastic waste that’s strong enough to accommodate heavy-duty vehicles. The 100% recycled bridge won’t rust, didn’t need to be painted and requires little maintenance.

And the bridge was built off-site in less than two weeks and then assembled in just four days.

There’s no need to use enormous amounts of steel and other resources, when there’s more than enough waste plastic to go around. 

Vertech is also exploring making sheet material to repace building materials such as plywood and laminates.

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Comments on “Great Use for Recycled Plastic, Build a Bridge”

  1. Bronwyn

    Very interesting. Our company has just started manufacturing outdoor furniture, decks, jetty’s, etc from 100% recycled packaging – namely HDPE, PP, LLDPE & LDPE. We are in Cape Town, South Africa – website

    It is very interesting to see what is being done in the rest of the world!


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