All-in-One Solar Panel Under Development

Imagine walking into your local Home Depot store and buying a solar panel, attaching it to your roof with 4 screws and plugging your extension cord right into it for instant 24-hour power. 

Onyx Service & Solutions (ONYX.OB) is developing a 280 watt high efficiency Plug-N-Play solar panel that incorporates a micro-inverter, which bypasses complicated wiring and installation requirements.

"Our Plug-N-Play product potentially represents a new era for solar power. Being able to lay a panel in the sun and immediately plug in a computer, fan or even a medical device is a game changer. The battery is being designed with the goal of providing at least 5-hours of peak power and the panels are being engineered to fit together in series for virtually unlimited power configurations," says president Malcolm Burleson. "As an American company, we feel it is our duty to manufacture this technology in the U.S. and use it to create as many American solar jobs that economic prudence allows. We want our revolutionary product to carry the Made in USA label."

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