New Technology Could Make EV Charging as Seemless as Driving

Among the reasons people say they are hesitant to buy an electric vehicle (EV) is "range anxiety" – a fear that the car will run out of juice without the ability to quickly charge it.

Although major retailers like Walgreen’s are rapidly adding charging stations in their parking lots, new technologies on the horizon could make charging as seamless as driving.

Miami-based Car Charging Group (OTCBB:CCGI), which provides charging stations in public locations, filed two patents which could "dematerialize" the charging process.

One of the patents could revolutionize the industry. A wireless charging technology would be embedded underground, allowing EVs to drive while they are charging. Drivers would pay for the service wirelessly and automatically, with no effort on their part.

Embedding technology under roads, of course, will take time to commercialize because it will be costly.  But looking into the future, it’s easy to visualize how today’s barriers could be overcome.

"User friendly inductive charging will facilitate the widespread adoption of electric vehicles. Going to the gas station will be a thing of the past," says Michael Farkas, CEO. 

A second patent is for a wireless EV charging station that looks and acts like a parking bumper. EV owners wouldn’t have to plug in to charge – they simply align the car tires with the parking bumper. Here too, billing is done wirelessly and automatically.

For now, Car Charging Group provides EV charging stations to property owners and managers at no charge, and gives them a portion of the proceeds from car charging. 

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