Mattel Cuts Cord With Asia Pulp to Preserve Rainforests

Mattel (Nasdaq: MAT), the world’s biggest toy manufacturer, has stopped doing business with Asia Pulp & Paper, whose pulpwood suppliers clear ecologically important forests in Sumatra, Indonesia, including areas designated as habitat for critically endangered tigers. 

Mattel told suppliers it wouldn’t buy wood and paper from Asia Pulp and other companies that destroy rainforests,  and it went further – its new policy increases recycled paper and wood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) in packaging.

Asia Pulp has been driving the destruction of rainforests in Indonesia for years, including habitat for the last 400 Sumatran tigers.

In June, we reported that Mattel was the subject of a Greenpeace campaign because it sourced fiber for disposable packaging from Asia Pulp and Paper.

In response, the company announced it would develop a sustainable procurement policy for all its wood-based product lines, going beyond packaging to toys, books and accessories.

Mattel’s new policy includes requirements for packaging suppliers to commit to sustainable forestry management practices. 

Lego also responded to the campaign, agreeing to stop sourcing from companies involved in deforestation, including Asia Pulp.

In related news, Kimberly-Clark Professional says the majority of its tissue and towel products are now Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified, ensuring they come from well managed forests.

Its Kleenex and Scott brands are now EcoLogo-certified for reduced environmental impact based on resource and energy consumption, wastewater quality; aquatic toxicity and solid waste.

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