GM Debuts Electric Car: Chevy Spark

General Motors debuted it’s Spark Electric minicar, its first electric vehicle (EV) since the popular EV1, 13 years ago.

It will be an electric version of the gasoline-powered subcompact Spark, which is only sold in China, India and Korea – and goes on sale in the US next year.

The electric Spark will first be sold in select US and other markets in 2013, when GM hopes it will give the Nissan Leaf some competition.

GM hasn’t announced the range or price of the Spark EV, but demonstration fleets in China, India and Korea get about 80 miles. A123 (Nasdaq: AONE) is supplying the lithium battery.

Nissan’s Leaf has about a 73 mile range. GM will also have to compete with a bunch of new EVs and plug-ins entering the 2012 market including Honda’s electric Fit, Prius plug-in, Mitsubishi 1, electric Scion and Ford Focus EV.

In its first year, about 27,500 Leafs have been sold through September, not exactly flying off the dealer lots. But they’re not available everywhere and that’s expected to change with rising gas prices and expanded charging infrastructure. By comparison, only about 4000 GM Chevy Volts have sold so far, also in its first year.

But automakers have another reason for making EVs and plug-ins: they need to meet the average fleet requirements of 35 mpg by 2016 and 54.2 mpg by 2025, set by the Obama Administration. 

Let’s hope this new car has a better fate than the EV1, documented in the movie, Who Killed the Electric Car?, which  chronicles GM’s unpopular insistence that all the cars be returned and crushed. 

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Comments on “GM Debuts Electric Car: Chevy Spark”

  1. ANON

    OK, how does this compare to i-MiEV (112MPGe), NISSAN LEAF (99MPGe), Tesla Model S (135MPGe), Chevy Spark (93 MPGe), Toyota Prius (87 MPGe), Think City (159 MPGe), Edison2 (300 MPGe), Zytek (87 MPGe) Chevy Volt (93 MPGe) so how does this compare to Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Honda Civic GX which operates at less than 1/2 the price of gasoline equivelant and i-MiEV which can reach speeds of 80 MPH. There are a few Chinese Electric Cars which can outperform all of these autos (DLEVZ1008).

  2. JOE

    Can you give us a hint?
    Are the american car companies just going to take advantage of their position within the American Goverment?

  3. C.Halil Özdemir

    Electric motor cars are very economic vehicles. But the biggest problem of them is the range.
    The standard distances of this cars are min.150 km – max.450 km. We can extends this range with our study.


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