Gore Hosts 24-Hour Broadcast on Climate Change

Former Vice President Al Gore continues his climate change awareness mission this week with a 24-hour streaming broadcast highlighting extreme climate events occuring in every time zone around the globe.

The multi-media event, "24 Hours of Reality," is organized by The Climate Reality Project, the new name for Gore’s nonprofit organization, formerly the Alliance for Climate Protection.

It will be broadcast live online over 24 hours on September 14-15, and will demonstrate the connection between the onslaught of historic, unprecedented floods, droughts, wildfires, tornadoes and hurricanes worldwide. These storms are not isolated events – they are part of an escalating pattern of very extreme weather.

From Tonga to Cape Verde and from Mexico City to Alaska,  scientists, celebrities, business leaders and concerned citizens will talk about how they are living through the effects of climate change.

"The climate crisis knows no political boundaries. Ferocious storms and deadly heat waves are occurring with alarming frequency all over the world. We are living with the reality of the climate crisis every day. The only question is, how soon will we act?" says Gore.

"This campaign comes at a critical time. As the impacts of climate change are growing more prevalent, so is the resistance to finding the truth and implementing solutions. Just like the tobacco companies that spent decades in denial that smoking causes cancer, oil and coal companies are determined to sow denial and confusion about the science of climate change, ignore its impacts, and create apathy among our leaders," he says.

"Fossil fuel companies and their allies will go to great lengths to deny the fact that climate change is happening now," says Maggie Fox, The Climate Reality Project CEO. "But we have one powerful response: Reality. We will dedicate our resources toward educating and engaging the public about the reality of the climate crisis and helping build the global movement for change."

After watching the video, 350.org is making it easy for people to make their voice heard – the largest day of action worldwide takes place on September 24.

Check out Moving Planet, a global day of bike rallies and on-the-ground events to call for climate action and move beyond fossil fuels.

Watch and share the videos from the Climate Reality Project:

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Comments on “Gore Hosts 24-Hour Broadcast on Climate Change”

  1. Rex

    Sustainable Business?

    Business is not sustainable in a Carbon Credit Crazed environment.
    First of all the whole thing is a Hoax!
    It is designed to destroy the American economy by strangling the energy supply that is needed for industry. It also makes a hefty profit for Al Gore and his communist cronies.

    The climate is quite placid compared to what has happened in the fossil record. Remember, weather patterns are cyclical. They re-occur due to many different stimuli that have cycles ranging from thousands to billions of years. Solar flare activity, the Earths tilt, orbit path, the Earth’s magnetic field are all changing in cycles and have way more to do with the weather than the puny amount of CO2 that you insignificant audacious hairless apes can manufacture. Even if you wanted to!

    So save your economy first.
    Energy ain’t cheap and you are going to need a lot of it if you are going to survive the next Ice Age! Which unlike “Global Warming”, is a real event that re-occurs every so many thousand years. As proven in the fossil record.

  2. dembones

    Daniel, assuming you’re a real person and not a paid fossil fuel industry “social media” consultant, then wouldn’t change that substantially impacts human habitation of Earth be news?

    Fact: food prices are at their highest point in modern history. Why? Climate change has caused high percentages of crop failures.

    Fact: Average global temperatures are at their highest point in a record that stretches more than 600 thousand years.

    Fact: Global average temperature rises or falls in unison with global carbon dioxide (CO2) levels; and the CO2 concentration is at its highest level in 600 thousand years.

    Fact: Burning fossil fuels produces large quantities of CO2.

    Famines and epidemics will lead to wars as arable land shrinks. Without thoughtful action now, Epidemics and murder will savage human population eventually solving the CO2 problem violently. The problem will be solved eventually; however, if we act now we can avoid a future of mayhem. Of course, oil company profits are *far* more important to you than leaving your children a peaceful, advanced civilization.

  3. Earthsaver02

    Its about time we stand up against big oil and gas and all the lies that they are doing everything in their powers to cut down and back on green house gas or as I call it global pollution. We as a nation is not doing all it can do. The reason y is big money is buying lobbiest that buys our political people who vote against protecting our world.I dont believe anything that our political powers say. All they care for is where their next money is coming from. As a unemployed construction worker cross trained into a green job ( Energy Star) being told hundreds of raters were going to be needed , spending thousands for equipment and schooling that I did not have only to have our government veto home star program and havind states adopt the new energy codes but they are not enforceing them. Heck the government are building housing all over the united states and they are not building Energy Star. Its their own program and they dont use it. Talk is cheap, but that is Bull Shit! Now states are oking fracking all in the name of big buisness, money its going to put in the back pockets of a few, Jobs that we as americans need, but its going at it all wrong. God help mother earth. We are killing her!What is wrong with the powers to be?Is the money worth it?

  4. Wake up and Smell The History...

    These kinds of weather events have been cycling since the planet existed. The changes and events we are seeing have happened in the past LONG BEFORE humans existed. The evidence regarding greenhouse gas levels SHOW that the increase in their levels POST DATED TEMPERATURE Fluctuations; they did not PREDATE the rise in temperature… Your assertion regarding MAN-MADE CAUSE AND EFFECT is garbage.

  5. Wes Evans

    Al Gore apparently does not pay attention to any one who disagrees with him even when they are the scientist at CERN. It is the sun that controls climate here on earth!

  6. Augustd76

    If you don’t believe that man has an effect on the environment drive your car home and park it in your garage and withe engine still running close the garage door. If your theory is correct if you don’t die from carbon monoxide poisoning. However if you do die al gore might be on to something. It’s pretty common sense. The earth is a big container and the more emissions you put in it the more it poisons . It’s not the earth they are truing to save it’s humanity. The earth will survIve humanity will not. Gore invested in it because he put his money were is mouth is.

  7. Rona Fried

    As CEO of SustainableBusiness.com, it’s very tempting to delete these obvious anti-climate puppets that post these ridiculous, ill-informed comments every time we post an article related to the advance of climate change. Perhaps they’ll change their tune when the next historic, never-before-happened flood, forest fire, drought, tornado or hurricane affects them personally. Those of us who understand the situation humans are bringing upon themselves and on all precious life on this beautiful earth are suffering watching climate change unfold in front of our eyes. It is much easier, for sure, to deny it. But denial has its limits and we are indeed close to those limits.

  8. Oldster

    It all boils down to this: Do we really want to gamble with the future of our planet?
    Most reputable scientists agree that mankind’s activities do indeed contribute to global climate change. We can argue about it until it’s too late to do anything, or we can act now. I prefer to act on the side of caution.
    Besides… how stupid are we as a people to keep relying on fossil fuels that will eventually be depleted? The problem is that oil companies own our politicians, so our legislators won’t do anything that will stop the flow of oil money into their pockets.

  9. Bill

    A question for Al Gore. About 20,222 years ago therer was a 4 million square mile ice sheet over North America. It was the last and possibly the smallest of several such ice sheets that came and went in the last 1-2 million years. Ice was several thousand feet thick where Chicago and New York are located. What caused these glacial episodes to occur repeatedly and what made the ice melt?

  10. Jerome

    I was under the impression, from the climate scientists, that it was to late to do anything about it. Public Radio had a scientist on the other day saying that the forests were already beyond hope because the rise in tempature is allowing certain insects to live at higher altitudes.

  11. Jerry of Pittsburgh

    A better analogy might help with the issue of whether or not to address climate change. I think cholesterol would be well suited. It’s very tough to say if an individuals arteries where clogged from cholesterol sourced from bad diet, lack of exercise or heredity. But the reality is the individuals arteries are still clogged and getting worse. I would still think the individual, if behaving rationaling, would want to do everything in their power to address the situation. Since they can’t change their gene pool, it would be worth their while to address their diet and exercise. Things that they have direct influence over. (Let’s leave those magical medical pills out of the mix for now. In the case of addressing climate change that would be something akin to “economically feasible cold fusion”.) So once you finally understood your condition and were advised to what you could do to help minimize the impact, would you just continue to wash down your mega whopper sandwich with a thick oversized milkshake. I think you get the idea by now.

  12. Drew Bowler

    I’m suprised nobody has brought up about the 20 room mansion that uses over 20 times the amount of energy per year than the average American household… just saying. That and he is heavily invested in carbon credits and green energy companies. I’m all for energy independence from the Middle East, but anyone remember Climategate???

  13. Rona Fried

    I wonder why people are so focused on the size of Al Gore’s house when the average size of a new home in the US is now 3000 whopping square feet. Sure, Al Gore is opening himself up to criticism, but can’t we get beyond this? Do you like everything about your best friend or do you look beyond the things that annoy you? And Al invests in green because he believes in green and wants to support it, not because he needs to make the money. I have a green business because I want to do what used to be called “right livelihood” – but I do charge for some of our services so I can make a living. Why all the scepticism about a man who’s devoted himself to a hugely important issue?


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