E3 Helps NY State Businesses Green Operations

A national program that helps businesses green their operations is comng to Tonawanda, New York, outside Buffalo.

The town of Tonawanda, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the NY Dept. of Environmental Conservation, the Clean Air Coalition of Western NY and the Empire State Development Corp. signed an agreement to bring E3 to Tonawanda.

E3 – Economy, Energy and Environment – provides manufacturers with custom assessments of their production processes to reduce energy use and waste, minimize air pollution, increase productivity and drive innovation. The goal is for companies to create and preserve jobs while protecting the environment and public health.

"EPA supports sustainable business practices that, in turn, create jobs and provide healthier places to live and work," says Judith Enck, EPA Regional Administrator. "The E3 initiative looks for ways to increase environmental benefits while reducing business costs. Every dollar saved on energy, materials and cleaning up pollution means more money to improve the quality of life for workers and surrounding communities."

"Minimizing pollution through smart, cost-effective changes in the way products are designed and manufactured protects public health while making companies more competitive," says DEC Commissioner Joe Martens. "It can also reduce the cost of regulation for both businesses and taxpayers.

The organizations participating in the Tonawanda E3 Sustainability Initiative will work with businesses to make manufacturing plants more energy efficient and cost effective by offering technical assessments, advice and support. They will work to reduce the environmental impact of manufacturing plants through green manufacturing practices and improvements. The local economy will benefit from sustainable jobs that will be created in emerging green industries.

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